Thursday, August 26, 2004

Victoria's is Still Tops With Me

I got my sandals from Vicki's the other day. Ladies run don't walk to order these, they are like walking on clouds. I am in love. Now they are $5.99. How can you beat this shit?! You can't my friend.

My new Prada sunglasses have broken. What the fuck Prada? Why are you cracking on my ass? Now I am awaiting new replacement pair and I am sunglasses-less. It is summer. You can't go out & about without shades. Plus how will I hide the disappointment in my eyes before, during and after the wedding? I will be throwing out evil, stink and crook eyes all around and I would like to disguise such things.

I will be back with reports from hell, I mean the wedding. Pray for my ass.


  1. Your right- Prada should not break! Good Luck at our wedding- have a drink (or a few) for me :)

  2. Fucking Prada. Hmph.

    (says she who buys her sunglasses at the "Dollar Tree")

    Make sure to take a note pad with you to the wedding. You'll need to jot down the "happenings", as I'm sure your level of intoxication will not allow for clear recollection.


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