Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Which One?

Amanda's comment made me thing. What is the best kind of sex?
Make up sex? Pissed off sex? Loving, nurturing sex? Passionate, rip your clothes off sex? Conjugal visit sex? One night stand sex?


  1. Lust sex.

    Like you and Brad Pitt.

    Yeah, I know you're thinking about it.

  2. First date sex, or first date in public if you can.

  3. I think for men it is any kind of sex. Come to think of it for women too. I like morning or afternoon nap sex myself.

  4. I like just about any kind of sex. I just don't get it enough.

    I had the "what kind of sex is better" discussion with J the other day, and he made lots of sense when he said:

    Angry sex is "Shut the fuck up and fuck me as hard as you can" sex... Celebration sex is "Lets have some fun, experiment and eventually get off.

    Have I mentioned that it's now been three weeks and two days? ARGH!

  5. Passionate can't keep your hands off each other sex. Homecoming sex of that variety is particularly good.

  6. Definitely marathon sex. Full weekend, stopping to eat and visit the porn store only, wake at 3:00 AM to start again, raw for days marathon sex


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