Monday, August 23, 2004


This is my 100th post! To celebrate I will do a 100 things list. Is there 100 things to write about? We will find out, here we go:

  1. I have blue eyes
  2. I love pasta & could eat it every day
  3. I love Howard Stern
  4. I miss my old job
  5. I need a job, financially we are in the toilet
  6. I hate cleaning toilets
  7. I love to read
  8. I would get into trouble for reading when I was young
  9. well, I was supposed to be cleaning my room
  10. I don't eat lamb
  11. or pork
  12. or veal
  13. I can talk on the phone for hours
  14. I miss my hometown
  15. I get lonely easily
  16. I have a fear of burglars
  17. I ALWAYS think someone is breaking into my house
  18. I have a dog
  19. I have 2 cats
  20. One cat is still under a bed after moving here almost 2 weeks ago
  21. Poor baby
  22. I have never been camping
  23. E loves it and always goes
  24. I hate Will Smith
  25. and Jada smith
  26. I fall asleep to Who's the Boss every night
  27. My inlaws are on my shit list right now
  28. They think it is still 1950
  29. and I should serve my husband 24/7
  30. I like reality TV
  31. I saw the cast of Real World Philly
  32. Philly cheesesteaks are overrated.
  33. I love to cook
  34. Especially in Winter
  35. I hope my children will always be happy & healthy
  36. I have Light brown hair
  37. I am the tallest of all my friends
  38. I am not that tall though
  39. I am 5'7
  40. I like guys with brown hair
  41. I hate guidos
  42. I hate people who hang out with guidos
  43. I am getting pressured into buying a minivan
  44. I hate minivans
  45. I am not a minivan person
  46. E told me that his money would never purchase a minivan
  47. I agree
  48. I miss going to Cape Cod
  49. On my honeymoon we went to St. Lucia
  50. The most beautiful island I had ever seen
  51. We would love to go back
  52. Maybe next year
  53. I graduated high school with my brother in law
  54. I didn't like him then
  55. I barely do now
  56. I met E at work
  57. He had me head over heels in 3 dates
  58. My nails never grow
  59. I hate that
  60. I am getting baby fever again
  61. I wont have another baby until these two are potty trained
  62. How do you potty train?
  63. I like funny guys
  64. I hate cocky guys
  65. There is no 65
  66. I can't wait for last comic standing 3
  67. I loved the old Degrassi High shows
  68. I love tylenol PM
  69. My favorite flower is tulips
  70. In case you would like to send me some
  71. If you have a dollar to spare click on Amazon Honor system over there ------>
  72. All money goes to a college fund for my 4 year old brother & 6 year old sister in my Father's name
  73. I would love you for it!
  74. I love diners
  75. We try to eat organic
  76. I was once waiting for Chinese food and a cockroach was waiting with me
  77. I left
  78. I love Italian food
  79. I wish I was taller
  80. I am growing my hair long again
  81. I love the scar on my right foot
  82. My T shirt I wear to bed is constantly falling off one shoulder ala flashdancer
  83. I hate wearing G strings to bed
  84. I like boy cut panties
  85. I was so into the club scene in NY in the 90s, Limelight, Club USA, palladium
  86. I never did drugs
  87. Ok, once
  88. Ok more then once, but just 1 drug and only twice
  89. We have a beermeister in our house
  90. It could be the only reason we bought the house
  91. E loves beer
  92. I love flirtinis
  93. I need a new computer
  94. I have to redo 2 bathrooms
  95. I would rather have a guy bring me a bunch of daisy's then roses. Roses takes no thought.
  96. I love my neck kissed
  97. I like my breasts
  98. I can't believe I thought of 100 things!
  99. I love this blog and the new friends I have made from it


  1. That was too cute! I thought I was the only one who liked old Degrassi Junior High shows! I wonder if they have a DVD of them?

  2. Amanda- I received the VHS set of them. I loooove it.
    yes, I am a geek.

  3. #68, I love Degrassi Jr. High and High. Gorgeous has never seen that show. I loved it back in the day.

    & #80-something (the club scene in the 90's)--you probably know some of my old friends then (including my ex-convict, bisexual, drug dealer ex-boyfriend). I need to e-mail you and mention names.

  4. I, too, am the tallest of my friends. And because of this, I've always been refered to as "Big" Lily....(I have a friend Lily who is 5'4")..I've always hated that.

  5. oh...My...GOD....I thought I was the only one who LOVED the old Degrassi Jr. High and High Shows. It's nice to know there are some other geeks out there like me. :) And I also agree with a guy bringing me a bunch of daisies (or other flowers) instead of roses. You were right, roses take no thought. I also think they are completely overrated.

  6. great list Tuesday Girl. :)

  7. How did Degrassi High end by the way? Did they just get a new cast and the show dissapeared? I loved that show too. I used to watch it dubbed in French. Too bad so much shit happened in that school. Fires, drugs, deaths, aids, unwanted pregnancies. Not so far from real life I guess.


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