Friday, August 06, 2004

Uncle L

LL Cool J was on the Today show this morning. All I can say is wow.
Ladies, he took his shirt off! He has the best body I have ever seen.
I need to have sex with him. Just once.

I am even more in love with Gary Golman after last nights show. He is funny & hot. A potent cocktail.

Baby A has finally stopped saying "cock" for car/truck, he now refers to them properly thank goodness.
Baby B has gotten into the tantrum stage of life. I hope it goes away soon because she has taken up hitting.

We are still not in the house yet, we will be come Tuesday though that is when the movers are coming. I am both nervous and excited. I am sure it will feel more like home once our stuff is there.
I am thinking about getting a part time job. I am wondering what to do though. What do all the ladies with kids out there do? I am open for anything. It is time though, that my life have something in it besides just my husband and kids.

Nothing exciting planned for the weekend, just moving stuff over to the house & finish up some projects there before the movers come.
Who knows though, maybe I will meet LL and have mad passionate sex.


  1. I would have to agree with you about LL. I have had a thing for him since high school and he just keeps getting better. I have a semi-part time job where I do research for someone who is writing a book. It keeps me sane and paid, which is nice. Maybe you could find something like that?

  2. I Tivo'ed LL so I will be watching that as soon as I walk through the door tonight.

  3. I want to lick LL Cool J. This lady does love cool James. mmmm. tasty.

    I need a moment alone.


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