Monday, August 15, 2005


I am too disgruntled to post a nice post today. Instead I will just bitch and moan. Today I will bitch about:
the fucking cost of gas. Holy crap, it is out of control. I know NJ is lower then most other states but seriously $2.63 a gallon for regular should be illegal. I remember when right after 9/11 I asked the attendant for $10 regular and I got change back because the cost of gas was $.99! I till get worse before it gets better I am sure but it sure seems real bad now.

I dropped batter on the bottom of my oven the other day & forgot about it until I made dinner tonight and smoke filled up my kitchen. Now the entire first floor of my house smells like burnt popcorn. It is not a good thing.

It was so hot on Saturday that I saw two people pass out in front of me. Animal planet was at a park near out house and they had a whole awesome "experience". Too bad we were there for about an hour and had to leave. The park is full sun, and the heat index was 106 degrees. It was horrible.
On the plus side we got to meet Jeff Corwin and had him autograph a book for us.

Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow and I will have a loving, fun filled post.


  1. droppin batter sounds filthy, like something a guy would do alone with a magazine, not me though.

  2. phew! i thought you got killed by that bikini whacker....

  3. You Americans are still so lucky with your CHEAP gas. In Germany, we pay 1,20 € for a liter (1 Euro equals 1,25 US$ and 1 gallon equals 3,8 liters!!)


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