Monday, August 22, 2005


Sorry I have been MIA for the last few days, I have had a myriad of problems all of which sucked.
My cable went out, then my router broke, my new router was not compatible with AOL and I had to speak to at least 7 different people at two different companies to fix the problem.
On top of that E's car broke down and he needs a new air conditioner or compressor or something. Unfortunately this is not an easy/cheap fix and he is pissed. I am not too thrilled either.

Anyway, Six Feet Under finale was great I thought. I really liked how they tied up all the lose ends but not in a cutesy predictable way.
My favorite part was when Nate was showing his new daughter to his father and as he handed the baby back to Brenda he told her how much he loved the baby and always will.

I like to think my Father watches over my babies as they sleep in their crib at night, loving them as only he could.


  1. Hey - check the prices that they quote you for the AC fix. I recently found that the repair shop wanted to charge me over $1000 for a $600 repair job, and they did it by inflating the prices of all the parts. They doubled the price of the compressor, tried to charge me for the clutch (which is included in the cost of the compressor at auto parts stores) and other things. It's ugly!

  2. Erasmus, thanks, I will do. repair shops just bend you over don't they?


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