Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Hair I am

My hair is falling out again, which is obviously not good.
My hair fell out so much after I had the babies, I thought I was in the clear because I thought your hair would fall out immediately after you give birth. Well, not immediately but soon after.
Three and a half months later I find huge clumps of hair every I go. E was sickened by it, he hates to find long hairs on the kitchen floor, bed, shower, bathroom etc, understandably so.

If my hair wasn't as thick as it is, I would have been bald I think, that is how bad it got. I actually did have a receding hairline.
The bald look works well on men, especially if they shave their head but it would not be a good look for me. I don't do scarves.

My hair has started to fall out again though, which I am chalking up to stress.
It is still unnerving pulling out long hairs from between my butt cheeks. At least I finally realized that I didn't eat and digest and poop those hairs they just got caught going down my back.


  1. I have thick hair naturally and have not lost much at all since I became pregnant usually hair in the crack always happens to me. =)

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