Tuesday, August 02, 2005

It is a Virtue

Sometimes man, I just feel like I don't have enough patience to have kids. I really don't and that is a hard thing for me to admit to.
I strive to be an uber-Mom and I would love to think of myself as one, but the truth is, there is no such thing.

My new mantra: I am not an :ubermom" because there is no such thing.

Other Moms make it out like there is such a thing though and that they are an the pinnacle of their careers as the UM. Why can' we all just be real and say "listen it sucks some times, huh? It is hard, maybe we can help each other out" instead we just judge each other.
it is true, I am guilty of it and so are you. Lets be real.
We think that the other Mom lets her kids watch waaaay to many tv shows or that they are deprived because they never get junk food.

My kids are not superior to yours* because mine could jump first or knew how to count to 10 first. They all start out as a blank canvas, I may use red and blues to paint mine and you may only use purple, but in the end they are our children and they all are masterpieces.

* My kids really are better then yours.


  1. Totally! Well said!

  2. Enjoyable blog, fellow Jersey gal! Especially enjoyed the cranberry up to nose (although I'm sure it was a blast and a half for you). But it sounds to me like you are a great mom.

  3. Your kids may be better than mine, but my girls could beat up your girls! :)

  4. I agree there is no such things as the perfect mom. I strive to maintain my sense of humor daily as I deal with my fairly new colicky baby. Patience and humor get me through my day and some days it is hard to manage a smile but I wouldn't change a thing. Well maybe a thing or 10.

  5. I'm in total agreement. Often I feel guilty because after a long weekend, I can't wait to go back to work. The set of whiners there is superior to those in my home. I tried to be uber mom too but I gave up. Now my only hope is that they don't grow up to be serial killers.


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