Wednesday, August 10, 2005

I Hate Titles

Since it has been such a long hot summer I have been watching more then my usual amounts of television. I love to TiVo mindless MTV shows and watch them in the morning when my kids are in for their nap, when really I should be doing 38 other things.

Shows like Laguna Beach, Brat Camp, Hooking Up, Real World and Big Brother. I stumbled upon a new show last week that I knew was stupid but I caught a glimpse while I was changing the channel and well, I got hooked. I think it is called Girls Next Door and it is about girls who live in the playboy mansion and are Heff's girlfriends.
Yes, plural.

Anywhoo, it is fascinating. The girls each have their own room except for the "head gf" who shares a room with Heff. Their is this whole hierarchy thing going on there and you can tell that the head gf is very jealous of the other girls. She doesn't like them stealing Heff's money, I mean time. They have a full time waitstaff and when they want something they just call down to the kitchen & order it, even their dog's food.
Plus Heff will go out to eat with the girls but travels with his own meals, like raw lamb, and has the chef at whatever restaurant it is prepare it for him as per the food instructions that come with the raw food.
Can you say weirdo?
Anyway to me it is fascinating, I love seeing how other people live, especially blond sticks that have to sleep with an old man for room & board.

Which shows do you like this summer?


  1. The 2 shows i am hooked on are 'Rescue Me' and 'Over There' both from FX.

    Leary just rocks. That show gets better and better each week.

    'Over There' is only 2 episodes old but pretty intense thus far.

    Also, i am not proud of it....but....i am hooked on 'Hogan Knows Best' just due to the awfulness of it.

  2. totally.obsessed.with.RockStarINXS.

    and i love that JD. he looks just like my last boyfriend, kelly.


  3. I haven't seen that Playboy show yet. But I am obsessed with Rockstar INXS. Go Jordis!!!

    Oh, and your answers are up on my blog!

  4. I can't watch over there, even though it looks so good. It just seems too sad.

    nita, my friend is obsessed with INXS too


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