Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Story Time

This morning we had story time at out Pottery Barn Kids. We go every Tuesday morning for the 40 minutes or so and read books and sing songs. I sit on the floor and Baby A sits on my lap and Baby B is much more social and sits with the group of children at the feet of the reader.
Every week it happens and every week I do it again. My foot or feet fall asleep. I re-adjust Baby A numerous times and change my position, but it always happens.
Today it was bad. Today it was my whole leg. So at the end of all the stories and songs, there I am limping because I cannot feel any part of my right leg, out the door with two kids. It felt so strange and I know I must have looked like a dork.
No wonder I can't make friends. Maybe that and the fact that I think I wear the same thing every Tuesday.

Other then that nothing exciting. It is rainy here but still humid. My kids are not into the potty at all, so I have given up all hope. I thought the lure of M&Ms would do it since they have only had them twice and loooooved them, but it was a failed mission.

Who watches Six Feet Under? What an episode on Sunday! I cried for I think 60 minutes total without stopping once. My eyes were puffy the next day. I think it was a brilliant episode, done just right. I am sorry to see the show go, it is a really good one.
I guess all the good ones do die young.

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  1. I watch "Six Feet Under" and it made me sad too. I just love Kathy Bates in that show though :) I still can't get over that Nate died.


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