Tuesday, April 11, 2006


I am addicted to something. I have never really admitted this to anyone and I know it is a sick, sick thing, but I am addicted to recipes. Cookbooks, cooking magazines, free recipe cards at the supermarket, you name it, I want it.

As of now I have 8 cookbooks. That is only because I can practice a small amount of restraint. Really, I don't cook from a cookbook at all, I will read a recipe I like and then adapt it myself or I just get ideas for new things and go back to cooking the same meals every week throwing a new one in here or there.
The beginning of a new season always revs up my cooking addiction for awhile. Look spring has sprung, I can't wait to plant all my herbs and veggies and then cook with them!
Summer, I can't wait to go to all my local farms and get my yummy fresh vegetables and fruit. BBQ! Chicken on the grill!
Fall! Apple pie, apple compote, apple cobbler, apple cider and apple bread.
Winter! Yeah, I can break out my crock pot. Here comes the stews, chili and soups.

So now I am actually excited to go to the grocery store to get my ingredients for my latest dinner ideas: french dip with mushrooms and summer beef stew with corn dumplings.

For now, i have to rush to watch Oprah and see what the heck Bill Gates is so upset about.


  1. I'm like that, except with cookies. Oh, and stealing.

  2. bill gates is the new darth vader.

    and i have cookbooks up the wazoo AND subscribe to cooking magazines :)

  3. I have the same addiction. I briefly considered a 12-step program...then reconsidered.

  4. I am addicted to the food in the cookbooks- is that bad??

  5. I LOVE cookbooks yet hate to cook... go figure! The best reading are the Nigella Lawson... she is so chatty and lovely that I have actually made a few successful meals!!

  6. I get so many of those magazine cookbooks and never make anything from them. I find them addictive as well.

  7. I have a few cookbooks, including one my mother gave me that's the size of a dictionary-but have never once used any recipe from them. I loooove looking at the pictures, thinking it would taste good if I ever made it....IF

  8. I'm addicted to recipes too! I have a special category in my favorites just dedicated to recipe sites LOL.


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