Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter weekend went something like this:

Lots of Easter egg hunts, playing outside in the glorious weather, wearing of the cutest Easter outfits of ALL time, church, more egg hunts and a big dinner.

It was a nice weekend, although I spent most of Saturday shopping for something to wear for it and ended up wearing something I already had (isn't that always the case??. I will return it and look for something to wear to my sister's communion in a few weeks.
That outfit is much more important.

Spring has sprung here and my daffodils are all up and now I am awaiting the arrival of my tulips first bloom. I love that I forget what I planted in the fall and Spring is like a new surprise every day.
I am also excited to plant a little garden where I had my wild flowers last year. I will have two kinds of tomatoes, cucumbers, herbs and some other things that I haven't decided yet.
I had to find something to do when the kids are outside most of the day in spring & summer.
It gets old when you just read a magazine and there is only so much time I can spend pushing a swing!


  1. I am too lazy to push swings... run around kids! Exhaust your little selves!

  2. Yeah spring!
    Here from Big Yellow House

    Mary, mom to many


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