Friday, April 28, 2006

My Kids

It just hit me, my kids are not babies anymore. They are not even classified as toddlers, they are "preschoolers" now. Officially, they will be preschoolers in September when I turn over the deed to my house to send them to preschool.

My kids are so big, my daughter is very tall for three, her grasp of our language effortless which I am reminded of every day because she never stops talking! Her blond shoulder length "princess hair" is now darkening a bit and her baby tendrils have all but gone except for particularly humid days. She is sneaky and cute.
She is the boss of us, and everyone knows it, yesterday my son asked E for a cookie. Since it was very close to dinner, E said no and he went back to his sister. My daughter heard this exchange and said to him " you stay here & watch chicken little A, I will ask Daddy for cookies. She went right in the kitchen wagged her two pointer fingers at her Dad, told him they needed cookies for this show and then sauntered off back to the couch. Job done.
And that has been what is like living with her. She knows what she wants and gets it.
I hope that she can keep that with her always, that she won't compromise her goals for a boy or that life will just get in her way.
She is so much like me, I am scared for her. Determination and strong is one thing, stubborn and demanding are another. I just hope she gets some of her Daddy's gentleness and easy going-ness.

My son is brave when he is not around his sister. Usually he looks for her to guide him, to make the friends, to try hanging upside down first, to let him know it is ok, I am doing it and I am here for you.
He has sandy brown hair and is a mini me of his Father. Petite features and the softest skin known to man. The most kissable skin. Ever.
His memory is long, like mine, and he won't let you forget something you told him or bribed him with. He knows how to make me laugh and knows when I need a hug. He is such a sweet boy.
I hope that he can be so brave, I hope he can have more self confidence to make his own friend, make his own path without his twin sister having to make the decisions for him.
I know that will come in time.

My kids are so big now, it is a whole new journey for us. One I am willing and able to take.
One that will lead me into directions I never knew I would go, but I accept it as long as my kids are by my side.


  1. Princess Hair! Gee, and I thought WE made that phrase up! Our Girlchild has lovely locks of it, I just hope it stays that way and not go kinky like her mom's hair!

  2. the description, "sneaky and cute" is wonderful... i love it!
    i totally hear you... sometimes i glance at my kids and am shocked by how grown up they are getting... & sometimes, i sort of hate it.

    and thank you so much for your comments, what a day...

  3. You made me tear up- and also I depriving my daughter of something by not giving her a brother or sister to share all the wonderful things yours share?

  4. One of my bestest friends has boy/girl twins who are also three, and I think that's the best thing ever. They will never lack a companion. I hope I can brave it up to give my son a little brothwer or sister sometime before he is thirty.


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