Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Ok, I have been tagged by Sabrina for a "6 strange things about you" meme thingy. I am a strange girl so picking just 6 is hard for me, but here it goes:

1) When my Dad was young his family was very big and poor so he would have apple sauce as a side dish for dinner a lot. He carried it into our family when he was married and I was little. There was a time, long ago, when I would want apple sauce with my spaghetti and I would mix it into the sauce.
Gag. Hey, I was young!

2) I like to dip my steak in Italian dressing.

3) I have slight OCD. I wash my hands about 25 times a day and will roll up my pants so they don't touch bathroom floors, I will shower with sandals on in other people's houses and I will not go barefoot on someone's carpet unless I know how old the carpet is.
I know how strange I am, and I hate it but it is uncontrollable.

4) I have problems making new friends. It is much more awkward then when I was younger and had so many friends and it was easy.

5) I was once in a Oreo cookie commercial.

6) I am slightly obsessed with what my kids wear. For parties I always dress them up, I hate that my son wants spiderman everything. I always scrub their sneakers because I hate scuffed shoes. I want my kids to look nice and wear nice clothes for school and play clothes for home.

So, that is it. I will tag whoever wants to do this on their blog, but leave a comment that you did it here so we can check it out.


  1. hehehe. We can be OCD buddies!

  2. That is so cool you were in an Oreo commercial- I love oreos. Did you get any for free? I'd ask for a lifetime supply as payment LOL.

  3. Not so weird really. I'll steal this for my blog and see what happens.


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