Thursday, April 27, 2006

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Today I am feeling a little blah. Actually I have been feeling tired for awhile now. I am not sleeping great, tossing and turning a bit too much so I am hoping that is the cause of my tired feelings throughout the day. I am praying that my thyroid is functioning normally, and I can't get that checked out for another 7-10 days. Today is the one month anniversary of my little surgery and I celebrated by crying over my doctor's bill that just came for said surgery.
Crying it not the word, weeping is more accurate.
$6300 not including the hospital stay or anesthesia.
Just great.

My insurance will be covering 80% but it is still a huge bill. That is considering my insurance said it will cover 80% but I don't trust those Mo Fos until I see the bill with a big PAID stamp on it.

Last night I watched the fourth in a series by Dateline about men who solicite underage girls and boys online and then show up for a "date" with them and are busted by Dateline and the police.
They are blue collar workers, teachers, rabbis, police officers and students.
Most of them had seen the show before but still went out searched for their prey and then showed up at a location hoping to have sex with them.
That shows you how men think, mostly with their penis against any good judgement they might have.
It is such a accurate sick look at men, and I get so enraged while watching it.
E hates it because I basically go off on his sex for the entire 60 minutes and a little more when it is over. I don't know why I do it to myself but I guess you need to know your enemy.


  1. I hope you feel better. I am just starting too so I am sending my semi-good vibes your way!

  2. Ouch on the bill. Even paying just 20% of that must hurt...
    I used to watch those "pedophile busting" shows, but I got too worked up over it, still do actually. It sickens me what these people do to CHILDREN, betcha if they had kids (and most do) they wouldn't want anybody doing that to them. Assholes.

  3. Looks like we were doing the same thing last night. I freaked out cause my endocrinologist bill came and its almost $2000 every time I go see him.
    Then I watched Dateline too. I was so disgusted by those guys too. I get a little insane at the TV as well but my sister was molested by a perv when she was 3 so I tend to hate pedophiles with a passion. I HATE the excuses and the BS that those guys sit there and spout out. Makes me want to puke. I could not believe there was a 19 year old who looked that young. She was impressive.

  4. I feel for ya on the bill. My last C-section with hospital stay and baby stay cost $10,000 in which I had to pay $2,000 of it. Insurance sucks.

  5. I only saw a little bit of that Dateline series and it creeped me out. I turned it.

    Then today on Oprah I saw a big thing about all the female teachers who are sleeping with all their 13 and 14 year old students. The world is just getting more creepy by the minute.

    It makes me afraid for my own kids. I wish I could keep them home safe with me forever.

  6. I too watched that dateline show!!! SICK AND WRONG!!! I couldn't belive how many of them said they "probably wouldnt have gone through w/ it..." Yeah right, what did you show up for then??? Crazy sick and wrong...we just found out one of our neighbors is dating a registered sex offender...and level 3 which is the worst kind up here...she has a 13 year old son and he regualrly stays the night...he's been arrested here twice for not staying at his registered address...its a sick mad world...
    Hope you feel better soon....sorry about your bill!!! xo lyns


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