Monday, April 10, 2006

The Final Countdown

15 minutes.
That is all I have to wait until my husband comes home from work to pick up his demon seed parents to bring them to the airport where they will be dropped back to where they came.
I have had it.
Eight days is a lot to live with anyone, never mind your in-laws. I thought I would be able to relax, but they never took the kids so I could relax or nap, or clean. I had to do eveything with them or for them, and make sure they weren't giving my kids crap to eat all day or leaving the water running in the bathroom. I swear it was like having two more kids.
I know they are old, I know they have their own way of doing things, when I am at their house I assimilate to them, what they watch, eat, drink etc. When they are here they just want things their way too. They compliment us on how great my kids are, but then make remarks what we aren't doing right.
I don't let my own Mother get away with things like that, but E would rather ignore it then face confrontation.

Even though his Father talked a lot of shit about me, the week we moved into this house. Even though I overheard them talking about me AGAIN last night.
I really doubt I will ever have them stay here again, it is just too hard. They could stay at their daughter's house among the dirt and crap everywhere, after all they raised her to be like that.

I think the whole trip jumped the shark last night after dinner, when my mother in-law told me "the Jews are homely looking people, most of them are ugly".
I had to bite my tongue in order not to tell my MIL in not so nice words, that judgment and comments like that are not appropriate and other people in this world may be judging her as something like white trash and how would she feel.

I don't want them poisoning my children like that and I will find it very difficult to ever go to their house for vacation again. I have better things to do with my vacation time and money. When we visit Disney, we will stay in Orlando and they can visit us if they want to.

I just cannot wait to be free of them and then go about my business of cleaning my house and detoxing my children.


  1. I am so sorry, but glad that they are gone for your sake :)

  2. Let me just say I feel for you. I go there once or twice a year with my inlaws who are rich and refuse to stay at a hotel. I'm glad they are GONE so you can get things back to order. If you're like me, you did a happy dance when they left.

  3. Glad that they are gone... I think that I would have told her off right then and there. I had a grandma who used to say things like "They...should all go back where they came from.." The they could mean anyone... finally I said to her then you'll need to go back too... she was of welsh/german desent.... Hope you continue to heal from your surgery...and do lots of happy dances!!! xo lyns

  4. FinalyFree9:17 PM

    Gawd my in-laws are due in town May 4th, I feel a scorching panic attack coming on.

  5. For me, it's my parents. My own mother and father. They are no longer welcome in my home. They are just terrible people. I keep asking for a DNA test, but so far no one has taken me seriously!

  6. Happy belated birthday- and I'm sorry your in-laws suck ass. I stay far away from my MIL and am so glad she's not the "visiting" type. When we visit her (she only lives twenty minutes away) she's still into her own thing or just spoiling my son. Which is okay since we only go there for an hour or so at a time...
    Still. Glad you can go back to your routine.

  7. Anonymous3:33 PM

    Ha. My inlaws stay for about 2 months at a time.

  8. My husband suffers from the same non-confrontation gene, unfortunatly for him, I don't. I've always found that a quick, "I'm uncomfortable with comments like that" seemed to quiet my inlaws quickly. It doesn't change their opinions but it shuts them up, especially in front of my kids.

  9. wowza.

    my parents are crazy like that. boundary training is only worth it if you have to see them a lot and you don't.

    great job pushing through. E doesn't have to confront them and make them change, but he DOES have to back you up.

    plus. everyone knows the jews are totally hott. silly rabbits.


  10. Thanks guys.
    Jenn, you got me beat. I am asuming you enjoy your inlaws though?


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