Friday, April 07, 2006

Done, Done and Done

I am done with my in-laws. They can go back to Florida now.

I am officially tired of the constant talking, constant loudness, general racist/sexist/homophobic remarks and of feeling like I have to be on my best behavior.
I just want to go back to my old life.
I have 3 more days until I can exhale.

I think generally it is hard to live with someone, even if they are your family. It is just a tad too much time and I think they should have spent more time with my sister in law and her family. My Father in law would like to spend equal amounts of time with us, but my mother in law loves and misses my kids so much I know it kills her until she gets here. Plus my sister in laws house is messy, dirty and so very chaotic. Even I hate to visit for a day.

We are going out to dinner tonight for my birthday that is Sunday. I am officially entrenched in my 30's and that is slightly depressing to me. E & I are going to this great Cuban restaurant in Philadelphia and I have wanted to go there for awhile. The one thing about living in South Jersey as opposed to where I am from in North Jersey, is that there isn't too much diversity here. There are no Spanish or Greek restaurants here, you have to go into Philly for that.

I will celebrate tonight, and then hopefully sleep it off tomorrow. Then I won't have to deal with the in-laws for very long tomorrow.
My new plan: sleep the day away!


  1. Happy Birthday Tuesday! Sorry about your in-laws :(

  2. Happy birthday!! My sister lives in Philly and I went to school just outside the city!! And my Grandma was from Oradell NJ...small world eh...I am from PA!! Anyway...have a great night out...sorry about the in laws...that is huge bummer that you can't just be YOU when they are around... i was blessed with a great mother in law and then she up and died on now we are left w/ just my mom and its like your in law thing...crazy and uncomfortable!!! Know that you will surrvive...xo lyns

  3. Now there's the ticket! Drink it up, let MIL watch the kiddies and sleep the day away!
    Happy Birthday to you. Sunday is a special day for me too! It's our 18th wedding anniversary!
    So happy's to us both!

  4. Happy Birthday from the mother of a fellow-born-on-the-9th-of-April-person!

    Sorry, about the in-laws... I feel your pain more than you know... my MIL is on her way back from Florida to move in with us for awhile... SIGH!

    Cuban food = MOJITOS!!

  5. Family - they are God's practice for us to face the people we are going to have deal with in the outside world ...


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