Friday, July 13, 2007

The Gym

Things I hate about the gym include but are not limited to:

The fact that I continually think about how I could accidentally fall off the treadmill and roll down the aisle.

The gynecologist machine where you sit down straddle the machine with your thighs and open and shut them. This is good or bad, depending how you look at it, when you are wearing short shorts.

How much I hate working out

Thinking people are staring at me from behind. That is why I always use the last row of machines.

My fear of coming in too late for a class and everyone stare at you while you scramble for a mat or a ball the size of Saturn. This ball was last seen by my eyes in a birthing room. This also scares me.

Three words: death by cardio


  1. I like the gyno machine when dudes are on it with short that's a pretty visual.

  2. I hate working out too. I bought a treadmill and have maybe used it oh 10 times. It sucks.

  3. Since I normally don't know how most of the machines work, I pedal and watch other people until I figure it out. I feel like a dork.


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