Thursday, July 12, 2007

Send Help, I Mean food

Things I am craving right now so intensely that I cannot write about anything else, in no particular order I just want them all. Now :

chocolate mousse
homemade french onion soup
chick fil a
peach bread that I saw on Food Network
chocolate cake with chocolate icing

Does anyone else think my period is coming?

P.S. send me these things asap.


  1. I made a freaking fabulous orange chocolate bundt cake and I have been eating it all week...I am the only one eating it...cause I hid it in many pieces...

  2. Brooke either send one asap or give me the recipe, girl!

  3. Ok, recipe I can do!

    I use pound cake, just boxed stuff. Mix it up and add a teaspoon of orange extract, a few teaspoons of grated orange zest and a bag of chocolate chips. Bake it up according to the box and when you remove it from the pan you can either make a ganosh with 8 oz of heavy cream, boiled and then poured over yet another bag of chocolate chips and stirred until smooth OR my old standby, take a can of chocolate frosting and nuke it for 30 seconds until it's melted. Drizzle over top of cake and enjoy!

    (Take a few spoonfuls of the pound cake mix or use flour and toss to coat the chocolate chips, that way they won't all sink to the bottom and make the cake stick)


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