Monday, July 23, 2007

Stick Me? Stick You!

Funny but you would think that people in the health care industry specifically people who take vials and vials of blood every day, would care about their job.
Instead people in these office seem to all need a personality and the woman who stuck me with a big ass needle in my arm without providing me with the squeeze ball, not only hurt me but also caused me to bleed for a long time.
I bled through the cotton ball. That never happens.

Maybe instead of worrying about free coffees and where they want lunch from today paid for by the pharmaceutical company, they should concern themselves with their job. Maybe the drug reps could bring them all new personalities instead of bagels and doughnuts! Terrific idea.

Now I am nursing my wound at home with two small people who figured out how to work the "childproof" door knob covers. They are geniuses. Evil geniuses. They are also over nap time.
I am not over nap time, I love nap time and I revel in nap time.
Please don't let me lose nap time!


  1. unfortunately medical professionals don't have to pass a PERSONALITY test to get into their chosen career. If they did there'd be a lot less of them, and a lot happier patients!

  2. Ouch! Also, bummer about nap time. When those first went away for my kids, the quality of life for our entire household went downhill. Hate to tell you that, but better to be forewarned. Hopefully it won't be as bad for you!

  3. When I was 10 years old I went to have blood taken. The nurse got down to her knees and said in a baby voice: "Honey, do you wanna sit on your mommy's lap while I take a wittle blood?"

    Mind you at the time I was about as tall as my mother.

  4. I have had some really shitty experiences with some of those nasty buggers who draw blood everyday. They feel like they can treat you like crap because you're in a vulnerable position and NEED their service. I hate the bastards.

  5. Did you have them draw blood right there in your doctor's office? I won't let them do that anymore. Last time I tried that, I was like a pincushion, getting stuck like 6 times in each arm before the nurse finally struck red.

    After that experience, Trish told me to just ask for the paperwork to take to the hospital's lab where the techs do that all day long, every day. Since then, the worst stick I've had at the hospital lab has been better than the best stick I ever got at the doctor's office.

  6. UR- This was at the lab, I always get it taken at the lab and they stink!

  7. Anonymous11:49 AM

    They are evil and they must be destroyed. LOL

    I still put my kids in their rooms for rest time (as I like to call it) and for the most part, I get a couple hours of relatively quiet time that way.

    And I'm a "hard stick" and I've been bruised more times with people trying to stick me. I feel your pain in every sense!


  8. Yeah, what is it about people who take blood?!

    Good luck on keeping the blessed nap.


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