Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Days Run Into Each Other

Our house is officially decorated for Christmas. The garland is hung, the tree was purchased and decorated, the cookie jars are placed just so.
I am not sure why, but I decorated half heartedly this year, I just wasn't into it. Well, I can guess why.
I have kids who are very into it though and so I did it for them.

Having E home every day was nice for the first 10 days. Now? Not so much. He is bored and depressed, I am bored and depressed but I am trying to fake it for the family. If I let these recent setbacks affect me then the whole family will be in the dumps. I need to keep my mood up for E and for the baby. I hope all this worrying, stress and holiday madness does not transfer to this baby. I don't want to go into premature labor and I really want a healthy child.

How is that for a cheery Christmas update?


  1. I'm so sorry that you are both stressed right now. I hope the new year will bring you new hope and a new job. I'm not going to tell you not to stress, because I know that won't stop the stress. I was under lots of stress at my job right before Little Elvis was born. I tried not to think about how crazy my workplace was, but kept dwelling anyway. But whenever I felt him kick, I would get all hopeful and happy. Hopefully your baby is as active as mine was and those little kicks will help lift your spirits.

  2. Kristi12:10 PM

    I hope what I'm about to tell you eases your anxiety a little bit. When my exhusband and I were going through our divorce I was beyond broke. I refused to let my parents help me unless I absolutely had no choice. So when Christmas came around I only had $37 and decided to borrow $50 from them. I felt so bad looking at that tiny stack of presents. The kids went to their dad's on Christmas eve and it was apparent that he'd spent several hundred dollars on them. My kids were 9 and 7- but they got it.
    You've never insinuated that your kids are materialistic so I think they are going to understand that things are going to be a little tight for a while, not just Christmas.
    I think you and E are doing a fantastic job, so try to remind yourself of that when you're feeling depressed. I'll keep y'all in my prayers.

  3. pp, I do love when the baby makes his or her leaps in my belly.

    Kristi, I appreciate that story and it gives me hope : )

  4. Just new to reading your blog--and wanted to wish you all good a stress free holiday..and your makeup free picture was cute!


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