Monday, December 10, 2007

Lunchbox Treats

This weekend I found myself at Walmart, which is an oddity since I rarely ever enter that store. I wasn't feeling good and I wanted something to eat, the sugary, the better. I stumbled on Hostess pies! I hadn't seen them in years. It brought me right back to being in elementary school. Sometimes those pies would find its way into my lunch box as a kid.
Those were good days. Cherry was my favorite followed by lemon and apple was my sister's favorite.

Then I started thinking about all my favorite treats my mom would send for us for lunch. Those were long before the school lunches you can get in elementary school now. Although the lunches my mom prepared were always healthy occasionally we would get a "treat" with our healthy snack. Individual bags of doritos, ring dings (when they were individually wrapped in foil, the best) and homemade, tiny cherry cheesecakes. Sometimes I would even get a special note on my napkin from my mom.
I toted those special lunches with care in my metal lunch boxes* and then later, my much lighter Strawberry Shortcake or Muppet plastic lunchbox.

What was your favorite treats that you got for lunches? Did you carry them in lunchboxes or were you too cool for that and used a paper bag?

* A stupid boy named George hit me over the head with his even more stupid Star Wars metal lunchbox one day on the bus. I was in third grade and it was the only time I saw stars from an injury. What a dick.


  1. I totally carried a lunchbox up right on up through 6th grade. I had a Fantastic Four METAL lunch box, and a Spider-Man METAL lunchbox, and some other weird METAL lunchbox about Delaware.

    Then, I had a The Fall Guy METAL lunchbox that lasted for the first day of 7th grade. I was teased mercilessly, and brown bagged it ever since.

  2. I had a Barbie lunchbox, and a Jem one, do you remember Jem??? I forgot what her group of friends was called, but she was a rocker and she could kick barbie's ass.

  3. Diana, hello!? Of course I rememebr Jem. I still can sing the theme song. Her enemies were the misfits.

  4. I had a plastic yellow Garfield lunchbox that I loved. I don't remember any specific treats. One time my mom made me a hotdog and molded a little container out of foil to hold my ketchup. How awesome is that? I also liked her notes when she sent them.


    I randomly saw Hostess pies not too long ago and TOTALLY got one!

  6. Gee, George was a dick. Moving on...

    We didn't get lunchboxes. My mom was far too cheap for that. We reused brown paper bags until they were just a few molecules.

    Our treats were usually a Little Debbie Snack cake... Again... Because my mom was so cheap. She still is, actually.

    Would have totally envyed you your lunchbox and yummy desserts tho.


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