Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Target So Kicks Walmart's Ass

I do not ever go to Walmart. So when the events of last week lead me to that store not once but twice, I got to recall why my ban on Walmart exists.
What is that place anyway? It is filled with people and situations I never see in real life, while I am out and about.

I had to buy something for a gift and I had seen online that Walmart had it the cheapest and they had it in stock, big bonus. So I headed there and had a relatively easy experience. Yesterday I had to go back to return it because my sister found the same item I bought $10 cheaper. So I went to return it.

The customer service desk was located right near the front door so I entered and got on the long ass line. I was then yelled at by a young lady in a wheelchair who was pissed at me that I didn't see her with my return when I walked in the door. Was I supposed to know this rule?
I had not and I didn't even see her when I walked in. I apologized for my lack of Walmart knowledge and crisis was averted.

The aisles are crowded, there seems to be an abnormal amount of people who cannot walk unassisted and there are no prices on the shelves.
I picked up the last ponyville teapot castle for my daughter, and couldn't find a price, (surprise!) I had checked online earlier, and had seen that it was at least $10 cheaper then anywhere else. So, I brought it up to the register and it rang up regular price. I told the woman that I saw it online for a different price and asked if they didn't have the same prices online as in the store or would they match the online price I saw. She mumbled something about online to store deals but clearly had no idea of what I was asking.

I left the stupid toy there.

Seriously what is up with this store? Are all Walmarts created equally as bad?
I love my Tarjay and promise to never cheat on it with it's redneck cousin Walmart ever again!


  1. We have the exact same problem with our Wal-Mart here in Northern Virginia. But we always had great experiences with them in the south (MS, AR, OK, and TN.) The Target and Babies R Us in our area are both great, though.

  2. OMG! Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart is definitely unique. It's the only store that I know that has personality.

    I freely admit that my observations below are grounded soundly in my stereotypes. And I make no apologies for that.

    For example, there is a Wal-Mart here that I term "Welfare Wal-Mart." Becasue it seems like everyone shopping in that store is below the poverty line.

    There's another one that I call "Nascar Wal-Mart." This is usually filled with "mullet clad, wrangler wearing individuals who hang around in Safeway parking lots on Friday and Saturday nights, holding old beer cans full of tobacco laden spittle."

    That stereotypical description was lifted word for word from the following source: http://lisaredd.typepad.com/lr/2007/04/you_might_be_a_.html

    And, for another link treat, you might enjoy "Disgusting Sights Witnessed at Wal-Mart": http://www.somethingawful.com/d/comedy-goldmine/disgusting-sights-walmart.php.


  3. I have a Walmart and Target close by. The Walmart also sells groceries/produce, etc, so I go there for the cheapest pantry goods etc. around.

    At Target, I buy mostly Target brand items, tissue paper, paper towels, diapers.

    So, I frequent both stores once or so a month. Target is a better experience, for sure, but Walmart is cheaper on a lot of things.


  4. Anonymous1:32 PM

    Oh God I soooooooooo agree with you. I love Target and sometimes just go for something to do. WalMart is gross. Reminds me of the old KMarts. BLech

  5. I hate the Wal-Mart near my house. Totally gross! I'll drive the extra mile to Target and even pay a bit more for my toothpaste.

    This is Kim from Hormone-colored days. Please contact me--You won the Lands' End fleece jacket! Congrats!

  6. Right on! You said it...as a matter of fact anytime I ask my husband to help with shopping he always goes to Target..true it may be cheaper..but the buck I'm gonna save is not worth the insanity experienced at the store! Target RULES!!

  7. Our walmart doesn't have a big grocery section or any produce. I did see how great the prices were on pantry items though, although mine has no selection

  8. God I HATE Wal-Mart. Even if things cost more at Target, in my neck of the woods, Wal-Mart doesn't seem to hire that many people. So if you need someone on the floor, you can't find anyone. And you spend at least 45 minutes waiting in line. I might not earn a check but my time is worth more than that.

    So yes, I love me my Target too.

    Oh and speaking of love. Your blog design! So cute! LOVE it!

  9. I only go to walmart for cleaning supplies b/c they're cheaper than Target. Other than that I'm a Target woman fo'sho.

  10. I go to walmart once in a blue moon. Normally when my purchase involves pictures because I like uploading the pictures to walmart.com and picking them up in the store (maybe you can do that at Target, I'm not sure), but I agree about Walmart. It's always busy, it's always crowded, and it always looks like 500 people have been up and down the isles pulling crap down with no one cleaning it up. Ever.

  11. OMG-I so, so, SO HATE Wal-Mart!!! Target has always been my favorite but, I used to love Wal-Mart and shopped there all the time, but, you are so right when you posted about seeing things and situations that you never see outside of Wal-Mart! lol!

    So that was getting bad enough. THEN they TOOK AWAY THE SEWING AND CRAFTS SECTION! Why the #%(! would they go and do something like that??? I vowed then never to go back, and I haven't. I will never shop there again.

  12. I have to laugh at this post because I can SO relate!

    I call WalMart WalHell. The one near us is totally redneck/ghetto and I seriously feel the need to shower when I leave that place! (And to have a glass of wine or two!) ;)


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