Thursday, December 20, 2007


I have one small gift left to buy for my mother. I knew what I needed, packed up my coupon for the store and headed out. This particular store was farther away then I would like to travel these days but for my Mom, I made the trek. When I got in the store, I circled it a few times looking for my item or someone who could help me. Neither were easy to find. When I finally found someone they told me the item I wanted was never sold it in that store. I had mistaken this store for the store where E & I both worked as managers, and met.
The store which broke us of our spirits and made us cry before we had to go to work each day.
Lets call this store, bloodbath & beyond.

So I went to bloodbath & beyond which is right by my house but is a place I never frequent because, well, the store itself almost killed me.
I called on the way to make sure what I wanted they had in stock. Some rude old lady told me they did, but when I go there I couldn't find it. Of course the only salesperson I found was the one I had already spoken to on the phone, she pointed out what she thought I was looking for.
It wasn't it.
Of course, I wanted to kick this lady in the vagina because making a pregnant woman go from store to store and find parking and actually lap these stores looking for something that apparently bloodbath & beyond likes to dangle in front of you in its stupid catalog but is sold out of it, is just crazy. (Of course I am partly to blame in this situation, but I am pregnant and tired and cranky, therefore everyone know that the blame is to be placed on someone else.)

I asked myself "what would baby Jesus do?" and since it is his birthday we are celebrating with gifts and such, no vagina kicking is allowed.
But! On Lincoln's birthday watch out, because if one person makes a false move, I am kicking something!


  1. Your last paragraph is totally cracking me up ... you poor thing!

  2. I say go with the vagina kicking. It always works for me.

    Merry Christmas!!

  3. no vagina kicking? where's the fun in that!?!?

  4. lol. You are too funny. I almost fell out of my chair!

  5. i've been catching up and just spit on my new laptop! did you really say 'kick in the vagina' and 'baby jesus' in one post?! hahahahahah


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