Friday, December 14, 2007

Questions Unanswered

My head is spinning with worries, holiday stuff left undone, strange cravings that go as fast as they came and pregnancy brain. I have so many questions that I can't answer. Maybe you can.

Do people really think Michael Vick got too harsh or a punishment?

Why do all of my maternity tops have 3/4 sleeves? Really, all of them!

Even though it can be such a great place to live, why does NJ suck so very much sometimes?

Why would my sister own any maternity shirts with horizontal stripes?

Can my ass spread that fast? Can I blame the wide ass on these pants?

How can my daughter only be four but acts like she is fourteen? I am in real trouble when she actually becomes a teenager! I am planning my escape now.

Why would my adorable blog just get all funky on me for no reason one day? I miss you sidebar! I am sorry I cannot fix you myself.


  1. All very fine questions none of which I have an answer for!

  2. Kristi8:00 AM

    1) Some people do... and that's jacked up. Teaching those dogs to kill eachother, much less killing one yourself is depicable

    2)Maybe 3/4 are your signature "thing." It could be worse... they could all have pads in the shoulder. Right?

    3) I think the cause of the suckage has to be y'all accent.(just kidding) I know, I know... I live in Texas!!

    3)That really is a great question. Really, why would ANYone, pregnant or not.

    4) My ass spread quickly and I'm not even preggers.

    5) Run!

    6) Maybe E's ex=boss jacked that up for you, too.

    These were all written in jest.

  3. that spreading ass!!! That's the worst part of pregnancy!

    and get your girl the High School Musical!!!!!


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