Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Perhaps She Can Call Dr. Phil?

Wow, lots of people hate Walmart. Then why is it the biggest retailer in the U.S.? I did notice Walmart had fabu prices on pantry items, but since mine is small and doesn't have a full grocery section I never go there.

Am I the only one who laughed when they found out Jamie Lynn Spears, who is 16, is pregnant? I don't mean to be cruel, but c'mon, who raised these girls? After Britney flailed and is still flailing wouldn't you take the youngest daughter, quit show biz and Fly your asses home to Louisiana? I love it that mama Spears is writing a parenting book, which understandably has been put "on hold". What gives her any authority to write a book about anything?

I just love how Britney was the poster child for a such a "good girl" as a teen and how she was a virgin. She broke up with one good guy and her whole world has been a hot mess ever since. That girl is just a hot mess.
If you are reading this mama Spears, my advice to you is circle the wagons, my friend. Gather ALL of your family together, out of the spotlight and circle the wagons.


  1. your blogher ad keeps standing in front of your post, btw. I am using Firefox on a Mac.

    I know all the bad stuff regarding Walmart, but since I don't bring in any income, my job is to save money where I can, so that involves doing some of my shopping there.

    JLS was supposed to be the normal one. Guess I am not surprised. What else can go awry in that family.

  2. Mel, Hmm I don't know how to correct that!

  3. Huh. This is the 3rd blog I've read today about JLS being pregnant.

  4. Kristi7:59 PM

    It really makes you wonder how the hell one family messes up repeatedly... and its out there for all of America. 16 yr olds all over the nation are pregnant and it's not news. But, unfortunately for JLS her situation would be QUITE so bad if her sister wasn't such a douche bag! Maybe this will wake someone up. If you let your 16yr old daughter move into an apartment with a 19yr old MAN, THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS!!! DUH!

  5. After claiming their Christian, upholding moral life...PREGGERS I tell you that Lynn Spears sure doesn't know a think about PARENTING! Her book title should be "What NOT to do as a parent" She actually allowed JLS to live with her 19 year-old boyfriend! Oh well..Britney Part II here it comes...(The Spears family should be banned from breeding).

  6. You're not alone. I laughed my ass off.

  7. I have nothing to say about JLS, cuz I don't care.

    I'm NOT using Firefox on a Mac, and you blogher ad isn't interfering with anything.

    I don't think letting a 16 year old move into an apartment with a 19 year old man causes the pregnancy. According to my high school health teacher, it's when the penis ejaculates into the vagina.

  8. Love the new layout :)

  9. Anonymous10:26 AM

    I think the Spears family are all freakin' NUTS. In my opinion.

    Hell, I love Wal Mart to be honest...but then, I'm one of them rednecks that belong in there ;)


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