Thursday, December 11, 2008

Boom Chicka Boom Boom

I have written about my idea of suburban mom porn before.
There might be something as good, have you guys seen the Porn for Women series?
They are a series of books and calenders for women and page after page is hysterical captions of what women really want. Or sometimes want.
Or just want men to say so they can have a good laugh.

Whatever the case, they are having a caption contest:
Those who enter an original caption for one of our Porn for women images get a chance to win a bouquet of flowers from 800-Flowers.

1 lucky winner will be chosen every day during the month of December!
To enter,
click here.

I am having so much fun making up captions and thought you would like to try and win some flowers too.


  1. I just entered. I think the contest is a riot. Let me know if you win.

  2. FLOWERS? That's the best prize they could come up with? Great....give me something else I have to tend to on a daily basis that's just gonna die on me.

    They should be giving away something more scandalous....

  3. Fantastic idea, thanks for sharing!!

  4. Steph what kind of prize do you want? An actual man maybe?

  5. do your best .. lol

  6. I saw that just yesterday! I totally, totally laughed.


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