Sunday, December 07, 2008

I Am A Giver

Yesterday while getting ready to leave the house with all kids and adults to attend holiday party at my Mom's house:

Me: Hey, E are you sure I shouldn't go change and put a tank top under this sweater? I am really showing a lot of cleavage. Plus I am not wearing a nursing bra for a change and my boobs are pushed ack where they are supposed to be. Wow, boobs belong a lot higher than I remember.

E: Nope. No tank top.
No way.
It looks great. Did I say no?

Me: but when I bend down you get a shot of, well, everything.

E: yes!
I mean, no, you just see enough and that is enough.
It is good. Perfect!
Did I say how good it was?

My son L: Mom? I think people are going to laugh at you.

Me: why?

L: because you can see your breasts and I think people will see you and laugh and I don't want that to happen.

E: No! Nobody will laugh at Mommy! Ha!
You are really cock-blocking me son, I want to stare at breasts all night and you, my sweet son, are ruining everything. Have you forgotten I live out of state 4-5 days a week?
I gotta take boob action while I got it.
Ha! This kid is such a jokester. You are so funny!

I am sure I flashed many a person at the party last night but what the hell. It is the season to give. If you were lucky enough to sneak a peak at my boobs last night.
Consider that your Christmas gift.

You are welcome.


  1. This blog means absolutely nothing without a photo to drool over. Just saying.

  2. Inexpensive but thoughtful gifts are the BEST. It sounds like you accomplished both!

  3. Good idea! Now that's a gift I can afford!

  4. Is KimandCo calling your breasts 'cheap'? jk

  5. share 'em wit the world. Obviously you have the kind you can flaunt, not the kind that hang somewhere around your ankles (like mine)!

  6. The best part of this gift? The receiver can't give them back!

  7. An interesting bonus round is going to the bathroom and emerging with your skirt stuck in your panties. Try that, that way you please both the boob men and the ass men in the crowd. Everyone wins.

  8. lulu, I apologize, this post sucks without a picture.

    Kim you better not be callin' my breasts cheap!

  9. khadra, I have three kids and Ibreastfed. Enough said.

  10. Mine are in no shape to be shown off. Good for you for making the most of your assets!


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