Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Why I Need To Kick A Kindergartner's Ass

My friends you will have to wait one more week for my vlog, E and I just didn't have time this past weekend.

We are in the throws of the holidays here in the Tuesday Girl household. Thinking about gifts for teachers, bus drivers, wrapping, decorating, what to bake for the neighbors, cleaning and cooking has made my head spin.
My kids have not noticed, they are typical kids and are in heaven with our house decorated and all things Christmas. They spent the two days after we decorated the house running around from room to room looking at everything and ohh and ahh-ing.
The pure joy that this season gives to children is contagious, I find myself planning our baking with them and we are doing a easy embroidery project together.
So when R came home and told me what a girl in her class told me I was livid.

R: "Gianna told me that Santa was just make believe!" "Isn't she crazy?"

Thank goodness she thinks Gianna is crazy and I reinforced the crazy talk. I have no idea why you would tell a five year old that Santa is not real, but if you had your reasons why not tell her to keep her trap shut?
Does my kindergartner really have to learn that lesson? I thought I would have at least until 4th grade before I had to have that talk.

E has distinct memory of the one Jewish boy in all of New Hampshire telling him in second grade that Santa wasn't real. He still holds a grudge to this day.

I really have no idea how I found out Santa was not who I thought he was but I know I was in at least 5th or 6th grade before all the pieces started to come together, included but not limited to opening a gift clearly marked "FROM SANTA" and seeing a Toys R Us sticker on it.
How did you or your kids find out?

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  1. Fortunately, mine are not aware that he isn't real....yet. They've heard others say that he isn't, but they just shrug it off. My daughter (she'll be 9 in less than 2 weeks) wrote Santa a letter last night and in it asked him if Rudolph is real too. I thought that was just the cutest damned thing. I dread the day that they know the truth ~ but if you don't believe, you won't receive! That little Gianna bitch needs to keep her big fat mouth shut. I hate little assholes like that. :)

  2. Mine figured out all the "others" weren't real - tooth fairy, Easter bunny - but thought Santa was because a neighbor had come to our house dressed as Santa in the middle of the night on Christmas Eve when he was in the 2nd grade. I think he would have stayed a believer forever, but I told him then - he was in the 5th grade. I did threaten him that I would take all of his gifts back if he ever told his little brothers. I also told him not to blab at school because other families may handle this information differently.

    My 3rd grader is definitely figuring it out.

    That kindergartener may not have been told by her parents. If she has older siblings or older kids in the neighborhood, she may have heard it from them and passed it on. Her parents may not even know she knows!

  3. steph, ride it out as long as you can!
    Kim- she doesn't have older siblings but maybe cousins.

  4. My kids are ages 6, 5, 2, and 1 so far this isnt an issue for us, but I am dreading it, and since the oldest is the one who couldnt keep a secret if her life depended on it, Im sure when she finds out everyone else will too.

    I think I was in grade 2. I figured out the Easter Bunny first and then just put it all together from there.

  5. I ditto what Steph said about Gianna!

    I figured it our when ALL of my parents friends received the same thing in either K or 1st grade. That was way too much of a coincedence for me.

    We are Jewish but of russian descent, so Santa comes on New Years to the russian boys and girls and puts present under the "pine tree". My kids still believe that but I dread the day that some wise ass tells my kids that there is only one santa and he comes on Christmas or some such crap!!

  6. Mine are kind of one the fence. My oldest is 7 and the youngest is 2, so the little ones believe but the 2 older ones are starting to ask questions. I dont push it one way or the other. I remember as a kid seeing the wrapping paper that "Santa" had used on my presents in the basement. It really wasent the same ever since. : )

  7. Sarah, we buy wrapping paper with the kids, and then tell them that we leave it out for Santa to wrap their gifts when he gets here.

  8. I dread the bus at this time of year, because I'm sure it will be the bus that destroys this myth! My 6 year old still believes wholeheartedly in Santa, and he's coming home day after day with with letters for Santa. My 11 year old, I think, sort of 'knows' that Santa doesn't actually exists, and last year he even asked us what we thought about Santa, if we believed in him. I always told him that it was whatever we felt in our heart. Anyway, he does still have a level of belief that makes this time of year exciting for him.

  9. I told them in the 5th grade and cried the whole time.I felt I was loosing my babies and taking a piece of their childhood away.I was forced into the conversation by some dumbass kid to.I cant ever have those moments again and it hurt.My kids however seem ok and still LOVE Christmas and now really understand the real meaning of the holiday and we have been able to add more traditions to celebrate the Christmas season.Have a great Christmas season!!

  10. I don't know how old I was when I figured it out, but I found the "Santa" wrapping paper in my parent's bedroom.

    My older nephews (ages 13 & 10) haven't believed in YEARS, thanks to their older cousins. They are doing a good job, so far, of doing the Santa act for their two year old brother.

    Friends of mine don't do the "santa" gig but they were raised so well to NEVER make an issue of those that believed.

  11. My kids still believe...I think this is the last year...sniff sniff. I found out bc my Santa had OCD and had to wrap all the gifts in a different paper than the rest. My Mom forgot to throw the paper away and I found it in July. The horror!

  12. I guess I'm the only the feels bad about the whole Santa myth. My son does believe in him but I feel like we're playing a trick on him. I think kids believe in him as long as they have to. You can try and tell a four year old that he doesn't exist but it won't work anyway.


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