Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Reality TV Heaven

This time of year is just not the time to start getting picky with your television habits. This is when the real you breaks out. You start watching shit you make fun of with other people in mixed company.
You are a closeted mid level reality show watcher. Admit it.

I love the Hills, The Real World, Real Housewives of wherever, documentaries of any kind. I have so much free (read bored/alone/desperate for company of any kind) time that I even started watching Entourage On Demand. Winter gives you the chance to watch whatever everyone is talking about.

Mommas Boys though? O M G.
This show takes it up a notch. The Moms live with the prospective girlfriends and get the real dirt, it is a mother in law's dream. One girl upon hearing that the moms have a file on every girl's background broke down and I quote " I think I posed for playboy, you can see it on the Internet. You can see me naked but you can't see my heart".
Girl, who cares about you heart, everyone is looking at your vagina.

Forget The Bachelor or Rock of Love, this is where it is at.


  1. I am a reality TV junkie. I prefer Big Brother and The Bachelor/Bachelorette. I haven't been brave enough to watch Momma's Boys - probably because it may hit too close to home being married to the favorite son and having three boys of my own!

    I am relocating my blog to www.dailyinfluences.blogspot.com. I hope you'll check me out there.

  2. I too, love reality tv..esp. Project Runway. Ive never seen Mamas but it sounds like a good juicy show!

  3. Too funny. I've actually never heard of it, but I'll keep my eye out.

    I'm waiting for Rock of Love III, but until then it's TopChef, Project Runway and Survivor...they make life so much more enjoyable!!!


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