Thursday, December 18, 2008


Although I am sometimes guilty of doing the same, don't ask me what to get me for Christmas. If I have to struggle to find you the right gift, asking questions, snooping around, scouring the Internets, then so should you.
We should all suffer this time of year.

Me telling you that I want a bottle of perfume then getting a small rectangle box on Christmas only to open it and find out it is the perfume you knew you were getting, is anti-climactic.

Of course some people have to tell the people in their lives (cough:husbands:cough) exactly what to get to avoid getting a shower curtain liner or slippers.

I have enough trouble finding gift ideas for my husband, kids and mother without having to think of something to get me and let you know. How about I tell you what I would like or need without giving you specific gifts complete with SKU numbers and price comparison lists?

Next time you ask me my answer will be " 1 million dollars, cash, small bills please".

this post is not supposed to be serious, any gift I am given is appreciated especially cash. :)
Also can you go over to my other site and tell me what Santa does in your house?


  1. Hey there, I can't DM you on Twitter - what is your baking question?

  2. I prefer people give me hyperlinks directly to the items they wish me to purchase. No fuss, no muss. Hell, in fact, you take me out of the equation. Go get my credit card out of my wallet.

  3. Heads up, Tuesday.... big snowstorm coming to the Northeast on Friday afternoon!! Woohoo!! Great weekend skiing in the offing.

  4. Cameron, I understand.
    UR, no snow here in NJ & hopefully E will miss it when he comes home late tonight.
    NH can suckit.

  5. Ha! I completely and utterly agree, even with years of bad, bad gifts under my belt to show how this hasn't worked out so well for me!

  6. 12" of snow through yesterday. Another 4" to 8" predicted for today! Pack your long johns, Tuesday!

  7. I totally went with the line "suprise me" this year as I am so far beyond caring at this point! We'll see how that works out, won't we. :)

    Merry Christmas Tuesday!!! I hope you have a great one!

  8. I agree 100% with this! It drives me crazy that I'm 30 years old and people who have been in my life for 13 years (or more!) want me to write a list. Six year olds don't have jobs. They NEED to tell Santa what they want.

    I love to be reminded of someone when I am shopping and think that they would really appreciate to have that gift. Isn't that the point? Otherwise, I could just ask for a check for $27.95 so I can go buy my own (whatever-I-tell-you-to-buy-me.)


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