Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Perhaps Living In A More Rural Location May Be a Nice Change

Lady who parked in the "customer with small child parking" spot-
Apparently you cannot read or have no grasp of the written language, the spot you parked in is for people with small children. There is even a picture on the sign of a stick baby in a cart. That should have given you a hint.
You are about 101 years old but miraculously you had what appeared to be your mother in the car with you. She looked to be 200 years of age. I felt bad for screaming at you in my head but then I caught a glimpse of your handicap sticker.
See the 7 empty handicap parking spots right in front of the entrance?
That is for you.
Leave these four measly spots for me and my pudgy baby.

Other lady parked in "customer with small child: parking space-
Stop being lazy this is for SMALL children not for you and your 8 year old. I had twins, I had to lug two small infants and my purse blocks only to have to have to put one in the back of a cart because you took these spots with your 8 year old and then took the only cart for two to ride in for your old child who walked along side you the whole way. I should have run you down with my cart while I had the chance.
You are a bitch.

Lady who has zero awareness about anyone other than herself,

You don't park your cart in the middle of the aisle in the most crowded store in NJ while you talk on the phoen and ignore me who is trying to get around you.
Newsflash: The world doesn't revolve around you.
Perhaps you went to the Tammy Faye Baker school of modeling, therefore very unaware of this fact but you don't put makeup around your lips, you put it ON your lips.
Unless the "freshly given a BJ" look was what you were going for.
My mistake.

Tuesday Girl


  1. Anonymous11:06 AM

    You will LOVE New Hampshire.

    When I moved to Maine from Boston, I was a little freaked out at first. At the grocery store employees would come up to me and ask me if I was finding everything OK. And, in the parking lot, employees would actually take my cart from me at my car to put it away. After my initial shock, I became very friendly with the butcher and seafood counter guy.

    I really learned to love people holding the door for me instead of letting it slam in my face. People in my neighborhood waved as I was coming and going. Everyone LOVED my dogs.

    Plus, in NH you are close to Boston, so if you need an urban fix, there you go. Take the train to South Station, hop off and go to town! Sounds like a great date night to me, once you find a good babysitter.

    NH is awesome! No tax (except Federal)! You get a Live Free or Die license plate! You have a nice beach, mountains, hiking, skiing, everything, right there! Four seasons -- the Fall is beautiful. Great colleges. Oh, and some really terrific Fall fairs.

    I know people who grow up in NJ love NJ. NJ has a lot to offer, when you slow down and take advantage of it. But who is NJ ever slows down? That's the thing -- NH way of life is much easier so you have the time and the want to take advantage of your surroundings.

    I'd love to know what part of NH you are moving to, I could give you some hints on places to go!


  2. wow, love it! I hate people like that too.

    I have awardified you on my blog (yesterday)!

  3. Khadra, thank you!

    Julie, Boston being only 50 minutes away is my saving grace. It does catch me off guard when people are friendly to me when I am in areas outside NJ. I guess I am jaded.
    I am only worried about long winters because I kinda hate winter.
    We will be living right outside Concord.

  4. Well, we don't have long winters...but be thankful you aren't moving here, to Hick Town, would go into shock. It cracks me up when we have people move here from a big city for a taste of the country life...and then cuss the whole time a horse and buggy are in front of them, or when one of the only traffic lights is out and there is a cop directing the traffic. It is a source of entertainment for us locals.

    When you get a chance, check out my latest giveaway...if anyone will appreciate the humor, it would be you. It is titled Peter Petrie and Boogerboy Boris.

  5. horse & buggy. OH HELLS NO.

  6. Too funny. I hate those people, too. Sometimes I let them know, but I don't know if they feel the "eyes of anger" beaming through their bodies.

  7. NH is great :-) Most people are very friendly. And honestly, you'll find most everything you need in Nashua!

  8. Oh I would love to have those signs, but we don't have any here in Northern Virginia. I lug my twin guys everywhere.

  9. There's some of those New Parent/Pregnant Mother parking spaces near the store I work at, and I have yet to ever see a new parent/pregnant mother park in them yet. It makes me crazy!

  10. Idiots are everywhere.
    Driving thru a school zone yesterday, I had a guy on my bumper honking and waving hello with one finger.

  11. I got highly aggravated the other day going to Sam's and I had to park (with my SMALL child in tow) freaking half a world away and there in a top-notch front row parking space was some old boat with a handicap sticker...parked NEXT to a gazillion EMPTY handicap parking spaces. Apparently their handicap is that they are an illiterate inconsiderate jacktard.

  12. Saw your comment on Jen & Tonic that you are moving to NH. Welcome! I moved to NH from northern VA (the birthplace of road rage)11 years ago. It was an adjustment but the stress free living is worth it. Let me know if you have any questions. I can be your informal ambassador.

  13. I hope you don't have as many stupid people in NH but....they seem to be everywhere. I think you should just start saying what you are thinking out loud and see what happens. Maybe they really don't know. In which case, they still deserve to have things like that said to them.

  14. Steph, I love the word jacktard. :)

    Alisa, you have got the job!

    stiletto mom, stupid people are everywhere but here in NJ we are packed in like sardines and we cannot avoid them. Ack

  15. Ug, my distain for her peaked when I read about her make-up habit. I would have gathered a bunch of empty carts and placed them in a circle around her vehicle. But that's just me.

  16. I hate when I see people without children or women who aren't pregnant parking in those spots. It drives me batty.

  17. I've been known to move people's carts for them. Also been known to ask them if they could chew their gum with their mouth shut.

  18. Lacey4:40 PM

    I'm gonna be the bitch here and say that those "customers with children" parking spots are ridiculous. Pregnancy nor having to carry around your baby is a handicap. It's certainly a preventable condition. I just can't believe people actually get mad when they see someone without children park in those spots. Look, it's a courtesy that some stores extend to their customers...not your God given right because you spawned. I have back problems myself. Not enough to qualify for disability or anything, but enough to make walking across a long ass parking lot rather grueling and painful. I think I'll get me one of those Reborn babies or something so I can reap the benefits bestowed upon mothers and their bundles of joy.

  19. WOW, are absolutely right. You are the bitch here. Clearly, you do not have children and sound very bitter.

  20. Maybe if you got off your back, you wouldn't have back problems. Again, THAT is totally preventable.

  21. Lacy, it is a courtesy and I think the 4 measily spots are for people who don't have to carry a infant or TWO like in my case, around the parking lot.
    If you have back problems that sucks, but again, not my fault and not bad enough for a handicap spot, although I am sure you use those anyway, so you are back to parking with the regular folks in 99.9% of the parking lot. Give me a break.

  22. Anonymous10:42 AM

    Oh My Lord! You have described my life, with twins and all! I am constantly amazed at the number of people (most recently a HUGE arse trucker type) who will take up the four mommy spots while I'm left to schlept my not-yet-walking toddlers across the entire cold and wet parking lot. Newsflash... my twins weigh collectively 55 pounds. They are HEAVY! By the looks of Mr. Truckers midsection, a little walking would NOT hurt.

    This is sooo my life!


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