Tuesday, December 16, 2008

And The Days Go Marching By

I feel like my wheels keep turning but I get nowhere. I am busy with gift buying, birthday parties, packing, the kids and managing the house. My mother has been here since Saturday and that allowed me to get a lot done, but I feel like my to do list continues to grow.

We decided to move to NH in February even if our house isn't sold because it is just too much for me to be here alone with the kids. Eric is lonely and how often can he drive back and forth from NJ to NH every week? It gets old fast.
We will stay for the twin's birthday in January and then we will leave.
I am actually excited. I just want to be there, I hate being in limbo.

The days pass so fast. I think time moves faster after you become a parent because you can see time passing on their faces every single day.
I simply cannot believe my baby will be nine months in two days. In some ways it feels like he has been here forever and other ways I feel like I just gave birth to him.
He crawled for the first time on Sunday and I wanted to scoop him up and put him in a bottle and never let him get older. This is such an exciting and perfect age.
My twins will be six and they are such great, funny children. The enjoyment of being a mom never gets old.

My father would have been 58 yesterday and I can't believe he will be done five years this February. I still miss him so very much and although I have finally stopped picking up the phone to call him when I have exciting news or a decision to make only to remember he is not here, I still think of him every day.

I am loving this time of year with my family and I hope you hug your loved ones a little tighter this year. Tell someone what they mean to you, that is much more important and valued than a gift.


  1. Beautiful post. It is so true and I can't hug my babies hard enough. : )

  2. I'm glad you're going to be together as a whole family again soon. It'll be great for all of you.

    I was thinking the other day about how long the years would seem when we were kids, and I think you're right. When we have children, it's like every day is a milestone and we get the front row seat, and suddenly the days fly by and we want to slow it all down. Heck, it seems every day when my boys get home from school, they've grown three inches!

  3. Glad to hear your family will be together again soon. Good luck!

  4. good luck on your move in February! and your baby is NINE months old already??!! HOLY COW!!

    My mom died in sept. and I still miss her every day.

  5. I do the same thing with my dad. Still have his numbers in my phone too.

  6. You are right on the money. Time does go fast and you see it in your children's faces. Hope all goes well with the move.


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