Thursday, January 03, 2008

Healthy Days Are here Again

I am trying to remain healthy in this house despite the fact that E is sick and our daughter R has a runny nose. L and I are hanging on to our health, but for how long? I do not want to be pregnant and sick, I have enough problems.

In baby news, (s)he is measuring at 30 weeks, which is one week ahead of me and is already head down with a strong heartbeat. (S)he moves so much all over with I was told is because there is so much room because of my overly stretched out uterus, the outcome of having two huge twins in you for 39 weeks. I also do not have gestational diabetes despite having eaten my body weight in candy, chocolate and goodies since October.
My thyroid is functioning fine although we will have to monitor it for the rest of my pregnancy and for months after because hormone flux does wacky things to thyroids.
Now I am feeling great after this doctor's appointment and all this reassuring news.

How has your 2008 been so far?


  1. little miss mel1:21 PM

    wait, are we just 3 weeks or so apart??

    i'm second week in april...

    glad to hear your results are all positive!!!

    yes, staying well is major important. I am trying my darndist as well. Good luck!

  2. Glad all is going well with your pregnancy... and ugh, my husband has the stomach flu so our 2008 is off to a shitty start...

  3. Mel, I am due March 19th. I hear April 9th is a great day to have a baby, shoot for that. : )

    Kristin, eww!

  4. I hope you are able to stay healthy. It seems like there are several weird bugs going around where we live. I was so uncomfortable in my last few weeks of pregnancy. I can't imagine being uncomfortable and sick, too. Glad the appointment went so well, that's a great way to start the new year!

  5. YAY! 30 weeks....10 more to go. The countdown has begun!

    and stay away from sick people! So did you get waxed or what? ;)

  6. That is great news! Just a little while left to go!

  7. COngrats and gl with the rest of your pregnancy. Sending you healthy vibes... I never triumph once a germ hits our house :(

  8. Yay for a healthy pregnancy!!!


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