Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Poor Kid Needs to Get Out More

My kids are fed very specific foods picked by moi. No gummy "treats", no cookies besides maybe some animal crackers and no sugary, crappy cereals. They eat Cheerios, granola, Kix and the occasional Life cereal.

yesterday we took teh kids out to lunch for their birthday and the each wanted cereal with fruit and a muffin. They were out of Cherrios so I ordered them corn flakes which they have never had but I knew they would like. When it came to the table in small individual boxes L said "look my cereal is chicken flavored!"

Cutest. Thing. Ever.


  1. That is so funny!

    My mom wouldn't feed us anything but the "healthy" stuff like Cheerio's, Life and Kix -- so I understand. :)

  2. They may have inadvertently stumbled on a great idea! Or, maybe not.

  3. Ah ha. That's a good one!

    My mom said I couldn't have Fruit Loops till I was 21. I believed her for many years......

    LIFE was my cereal of choice.

  4. how funny! I never got sweet cereal as a child either. I made one of my friends so mad one morning after a sleepover at her house, because her parents offered to make us eggs or let us have sugary cereals. I opted for the cereal and she wanted the "real" breakfast.


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