Thursday, January 10, 2008


You know you are a Mom when:

You stand in line without complaining for 20 minutes just so your kids can get a balloon animal

Smell not only your kid's diapers but willingly smell other people's children's diapers to find where a particular odor is coming from

Give up your precious sleep to check and see if they are still breathing

You can carry on a conversation, do your daughter's hair and problem solve all while you are peeing.

You never go to the bathroom alone (see above)

Let your kids watch more TV then you ever thought you would just so you can get some peace and quiet

Judge other Mothers because it makes you feel better about the kind of mother you are (c'mon you know you do it!)

Can't watch the news or made for TV movies for fear of hearing about something horrible happening to a child

Watch the clock until it is your child's bedtime then miss them 30 minutes later

Now you finish this sentence: You know you are a mom when........


  1. You find absolutely nothing gross about picking your kid's nose.

    All your kid's clothes come from high end baby stores and all your clothes come from Target or (oohlala!) Old Navy.

    You breastfeed for twenty-two months and after it's over, still miss it sometimes.

  2. *you catch puke in your hand and can still eat a meal afterward

    *people complain about noise and you don't realize it's your child because you have learned to block the noise already (am I the only one who does this?)

  3. can pull the poop plug out of your kid's butt with your bare hands... look down at your stomach and all you see are stretch marks..all over.. look at your kids and think the stretch marks were all worth it..

  4. you continue shopping at kid's consignment sale after your baby has peed out of his diaper, through his outfit and onto your shirt. Is that bad? We changed the baby, but I just held my shirt out until it dried.

  5. you find it completely thrilling to use the nose sucker and pull out the largest snot ball known to man. SUCCESS!

    you don't mind your kid eating 2 m & m's every time they go pee in the potty. At least the first 50 times.

    you continue to buy bribe gifts hoping it will continue the potty success. Next bribe, pooping in potty!

  6. you know all the songs on Blue's Clues (or any other favorite kid cartoon).

    you think about your child before ever considering yourself.

  7. You schedule your oral surgery around your kids' Brownie meetings and visits to their "other parents" ... even if that means sitting in horrible pain for an extra week.

  8. Oh these are some great ones.

    When you hear a child in a crowded store yell "Moooommmm" And you look up -- even tho you KNOW you left you child at home.

  9. I love all of these, keep them coming!

  10. Love the peeing one! Ha!

    How about...
    You know that silence means TROUBLE!

    PS Thanks for stopping by to enter my Babylegs giveaway! Good luck!


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