Monday, January 21, 2008

Birthday, Babies

Dear Babies,

I know you are not babies anymore, I am especially aware of that today of all days, because today you both turned five years old. The past five years have been a blur to me but when I sit and really think about it, I see snapshots in my mind. Your first bath, your first steps and words, feeling grass on your bare feet, dancing in the rain, leaving you at school, how you have grown and what amazing people you have become. I know, I know how I have struggled as your Mom, I have been tested, but you both have kept me strong. I have told you before and I will always remember how you saved me from myself.
L you surprise me every day. You are so brave now and you are becoming our little comedienne. When your sister is being crazy you will just look at me and we will laugh. You see the beauty in mundane things, it is not unusual for you to remark on how beautiful the sun is or how lovely the flowers are. This is my favorite thing about you, you never let me not appreciate the little things.
R, you are brave you stand up for yourself and for your brother. You want everyone to know you are strong and independent but you still need me, and I love that. I hope it never changes. You like to act like you are 15 not 5, but that may be a girl thing, I want to love where you are in life and not try and grow up too soon, a mistake we all make. You are beautiful and you know it but you are so smart too. You love to draw and you are going to be a great artist like Daddy.
I am so thankful to be your Mom, and although I have made some mistakes these last five years I promise to try and learn from them. You are great people and I don't want to mess that up. This year is going to be great for you both, you will start kindergarten, get a baby brother or sister, take swimming lessons and play your first sport on a recreation team. I predict you will love this year and will blossom even more.

I love you my babies and I always will.

Forever, Mommy


  1. Happy Birthday to the big kids! Where does the time go?

  2. That is one of the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen! And a beautiful post to go with it.

  3. awe.......

    Happy Bday to you BOTH!!!

    lovely post!

  4. Happy birthday to your babies! What a beautiful post and photo.

    My oldest is 5 and she is definitely "going on 15" at times. ;)

  5. That was so touching! I hope you share it with your "babies." And, Happy Birthday to them!


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