Friday, January 18, 2008

A Twin Mess

When you have twins what one doesn't think of, the other does. Usually the one that thinks of everything is my daughter, R. She is the mastermind, the plotter, the one with the devious mind. L goes along with almost everything R says he is the lookout, the co-conspirator, if you will.

When E started a new job two years ago, he was away for a month for training. He came home every weekend but from Sunday night to Friday night, I was alone with the two almost-three-year-olds. To say it was tough would be an understatement.

They were also just introduced to toddler beds a month or so before E left. Getting them both to take a nap was hard. They would get out of bed, fool around, jump and play. I can understand that, but they needed a nap, they still need naps. One particular day everything grew quiet upstairs. Usually when a child is quiet it means trouble, but this time I convinced myself they were sleeping. In reality, I was probably just saving myself another trip up the stairs to check on them. When nap time should have been over and the kids still weren't making any noise, I went upstairs to check on them.

What I saw was the worst mess I have ever seen in my house.

They pulled everything out of the closet and off the hanger and threw it onto the floor. Sweaters, coats, skirts, dresses, belts and shoes were strewn everywhere. Then they took everything out of their drawers, even the drawer that contained diapering paraphernalia including baby powder. It looked like a flour factory exploded in R's room. I just sat down in the middle of the mess and cried.

I cried because I missed E, I cried because I missed living close to my family & friends and I cried because I knew I had to clean that whole mess by myself!

The kids just stared at me, I am not sure they ever saw me cry before. Then they did something I wasn't expecting.

They laughed at me.

They will pay for that when they are 13.

This is the biggest mess I have ever had to clean up, and I wrote about it for the Crazy Hip Blog Mamas for an Oreck XL Ultra Vacuum contest, which is the Cadillac of all vacuums!


  1. That is so funny! I know it's not supposed to be. When I was sick last week, Little Elvis "helped" in the bathroom one morning and thought it was the funniest site -- Mommy sitting in front of the toilet and flushing.
    My dad is a twin. His brother was the instigator, but my dad always went along. When they were about three, my uncle decided they should crawl on the china cabinet. It fell on my dad and he broke his collarbone. My poor grandmother. I think you should definitely save your revenge for when they are older. Maybe give them a home perm?

  2. that sounds like my worst nightmare.
    We are moving Rt into a big boy bed in 2 weeks. I can only imagine what will come of it. Sigh.

    I need to get a video monitor pronto so I can keep a watchful eye on the little bugger.

    As long as I have a gate, I can keep him in there, right?

  3. it's so not funny for you, cuz you had to go through that mess all alone, but the. is. funny!!! What will they think of next? ;)

    and you totally have to make them pay for that.....

  4. It is

    Mel, A gate is a great idea a monitor is better! check out my review of this great video monitor:

  5. This is why twins scare me. ';-)
    You definitely deserve that Orek!

  6. I have had the 'just sta and cried' moment many times, and i only had one at the time! i feel your can be- what's the nice way to say assholes??? LOL...
    now the two of these kids are going to tag team against me and i'm going to hate it.
    hugs for you.

  7. OH wow. Sounds like you had your hands full. (Sounds like you still do. heehee.)

    Hope you win the contest. heehee.

  8. OH, revenge is sweet, my friend, very, very sweet! And it is so easy to get when they are teens. Bide your time, it will come!

  9. You won! Email me your address to and I will pass it on to Oreck! Woo hoo! Congrats!


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