Monday, January 07, 2008

Life Lessons

One thing I hated about my childhood was that I had a early bedtime. As a parent now, I see the benefit of the early bedtime to both me and my parents, but as a child going to bed when the sun is still out in the summer and you can hear the kids playing outside, is not fun. Not fun at all.
You try and fall asleep because what else can you do, but your slumber will not come. You hear your friends under your window, birds chirping and the ice cream man slowly going down your street.
Is this familiar to anyone besides me?

I would go to school and my peers would talk about shows I have never heard of. I was left out, I was put to bed after the Muppet Show! A late night for me was 8pm on a school night. My friends would talk about all of these great TV shows that I never got a chance to see and I was jealous.
Then came the MASH finale. I am not sure I had ever watched MASH before, but I wanted to see that finale. I begged my Mom. She said no, it was a school night after all.
I did what any other third grader would do..... I cried.

I cried and whined and cried some more for what seemed like forever after my bedtime. I heard the theme music. It was time to step it up despite being yelled at to be quiet about 23728 times. I cried more. I was literally crying myself to sleep. I was exhausted, it was way after my bedtime and I was making myself stay up to prove a point. I am Irish, stubborn is my middle name.

Finally my Mom came in my room and told me, in a not so nice tone, that I could come out to the living room and watch it. She probably only gave in so she could watch her favorite show in peace. I watched it, forcing my eyes to stay open the whole time. I was so excited to go to school the next day, to talk about something that was on TV past 7pm with my peers, to finally be in the know.

You know what is coming right? Yeah, nobody mentioned the MASH finale, no one has seen it. After all of that, I was defeated.
That probably wasn't my first lesson learned in life, but it is one I still remember. I did need my sleep, everyone in the world was not watching MASH but me, and my Mom did know best, but I was too tired to admit it to her.
I remember that every time I put my kids to bed when the sun is still out, kids are playing on our street and the ice cream man passes our house.


  1. This is a really good post! I've never seen the MASH finale.

  2. Cute post! Not only do I like the little twist at the end, the one show I remember my friends watching that I never watched because my bed time was 8 was MASH.

  3. I never had the early bed time. 9pm was my bedtime, and even then it was just that I had to be in bed. As long as I was quiet, I could read for as long as I wanted.

  4. Kevin, I would get caught reading under my covers with a flashlight all the time!

  5. I, too, was a victim of the early bedtime when I was a kid. I can clearly remember lying in bed listening to the sound of the Cheers theme music and wishing I would just hurry up and get old already. I always thought that if I ever had kids, no way would I make them go to bed early. Not while there are good shows to watch, anyway.

  6. You know I hate that bedtime kids fight it all the way and I just stop implementing it and somedays, like yesterday my monkey (9 years-old) was asleep by 8:30pm, all by himself...this is my only spite against my mom..who by the way hates that my kids don't have a bedtime...he,he,he

  7. I don't think I ever saw the MASH finale, my sister and brother was up watching it though. I am trying to get my kid to sleep early but that's not happening. Oh well, I like your banner!

  8. the MASH finale is one of the best two hours of television. i don't know if i saw it when it aired, but i saw it when it was reran one time in college. a friend and i ended up catching it on tv and i bawled and bawled.

    i'm a MASH freak, though.

    how funny that this is the post that i should return to you with. i didn't know you were pregnant. yes, 2007 was the year of the baby. people had babies or got pregnant in 2007. i think something was in the water.


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