Monday, January 14, 2008

List Mania

Is it just me or is everyone pregnant? So many bloggers I read are expecting babies around or just after me, so many celebrities and some of my friends in real life. It must be baby season, because all I hear about is babies.

We are starting to think about taking out all of our baby "stuff" clothing, gear and all the things you need for a small new baby. I have made lists! I love lists and make them for every reason and they sit all over the house and E will just look at them and laugh. I make lists of foods I am craving and want the next day, I make lists of baby gear we need, I even made a list of what I want to pack in my hospital bag.
But the lists are as far as I have gotten so far.

One list that keeps reappearing is our baby name list. It is short this time around. We have a boy's name and we have two we like for a girl. We had two last time for our daughter and she was 24 hours old before we could finally decide between the two. I think that is what is going to happen this time.
we like both girl names and neither of us can pick one over the other.

Maybe we have to see the baby before we decide like with R. Maybe I will let the internets decide once the baby is born.
Or maybe it will be a boy at this will all be for naught.


  1. Kristi2:29 PM

    I would feel compelled to tell you MY favorite baby names if I had any, but alas I don't.

    I had the worst time trying to come up with names for my kids. I ended up with Marshall Austin for my son and Ryan Renee for my daughter.

    Strangely enough my son's girlfriend's name is Lindsay Austin. At first I thought that was weird but then I realized that her name just follows the entire rest of my family. All the girls inadvertantly have boys names. My name is Kristian, my sister's name is Rusti and my daughter is Ryan.

  2. We had lists of several names for both boys and girls before we knew the sex of our son. Once we found out the sex, we called an audible and didn't use any name on our lists. We did have our minds made up well before we had him. I'm really glad he fits his name -- not sure what we would have done if he didn't!

  3. I am not preggers! So there's one!

  4. Not pregnant! So there's two! (At least I think I'm not..wait I'll go check). I have two beautiful boys, but my husband really wants a little girl, which he has voiced out would be named Amanda Michelle...and if it's a boy I would choose Giovanni! That's my 2 cents...but I think the most beautiful names are those you dreamt of naming your kids when you were akid yourself..I always dreamt of having a baby girl and naming her Jacqueline...It would be great to set up a poll for baby names from your internet Mommy Bloggers, just a thought!

  5. yes, I do feel like one of the masses who is pregnant. guess it was a prosperous summer!!

    we didn't know what we were having with our first. we had one boy name and a few girls. since it was a boy, we went with what we had.

    now having another boy, we have to start fresh again. This go around we don't have a clue. Best get on that.

    I hate lists, but I need them, so I do them.


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