Thursday, November 20, 2008

Here Comes The Sun.....

Things that make me happy today:

Someone found my blog by searching: "old mom porn" (the best) and "Big New Jersey hair" (My favorite).

L told me his class plays "thumbs up 7up". I remember playing this in elementary school. You put your head down on your desk and your thumb up, if your thumb gets pressed down then you have to guess who did it. Some kids would be asses and slam your thumb down and that would hurt and other kids would try and cheat by looking at your shoes. There were dicks even in 5th grade.
Still, I loved that game.

I actually got out of the house yesterday even though it was freezing. Why, sweet lord, can't I find a winter hat for baby K that doesn't look like a jester, or is thin or is his size? Oh and Babies R Us, you are on my shit list since you wouldn't let me return something without my receipt. EVERYONE returns without a receipt there, because that ratio of baby gifts you get versus what you need is so very off.

I get to observe the kids kindergarten class for 45 minutes today. It stinks that I have to split my 45 minutes (couldn't they have made it a even 1 hour?) but I am excited to see them with the friends. My neighbor is watching K for me and I hope he is good for her since she is bringing her 13 month old granddaughter with her.

The sun is out. Don't you always feel better when the sun is shining? I could never live in Seattle, the sun is much to important to my mental health.


  1. You sound much more chipper today. It sounds like the cold air and the sun ran off the funk! Or maybe you just had a good stiff drink last night to chase of the blues. :)

  2. Thumbs up 7up! I totally forgot about that! WOWEE. Also, I think for the rest of my blogging days I shall randomly search you out and find your site throu "gray public hair".

  3. Pletid cume am mein
    Fullom am deser todo
    Moi waunt tu cume a mein
    A moi, eh so mote es

  4. I had something to say and then I read Steenky's comment and Im lost again.

    Oh yeah, I need the sun too. When renting or buying a home, I always look at where the sun is going to shine and what time of day I will get it. I need early morning sun or the rest of my day is a mess!

    oh yeah and the prescription drugs help too LOL!


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