Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Kiss Me I Voted

I am so excited for today. I have been waiting about 2 lo0ng years for this day and hopefully for my candidate to win. I have been one of the many, many unfortunate people who have felt personally how terribly this country has been run the last eight years. My husband lost his job, and with that: his insurance (I was 5 months pregnant) his life insurance, his car and computer.
We almost lost our home and would have if millions of other people were not in the same situation. We lost our savings.
Most of all we lost our hope.
Hope that we can work 50+ hours a week and have a little house in a little town with a couple of kids and be able take a vacation once a year and to be able to pay for college one day, to breathe.

Today I am going to vote for who I think can better fix the problems this country has gotten into and then build ourselves up better before we take care of other countries. I am going to vote for a world I think will be better for my kids and yours.
I am going to vote for hope that the American dream can still come true.

Then I am going to get my free coffee at Starbucks.

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  1. Go Obama! My neighbors just came home from TRYING to vote - a three hour wait and the polls have only been open less than an hour. I expect it will be like this all day - I am in OHIO which is obviously an important state this year! I am prepared to wait as long as I need to. Now I hope my five year old can hang tough with me.

  2. Exactly the reasons I voted (and early)!

    Now, if only there was a Ben and Jerry's here for the free scoop of ice cream... :)

    The baby is adorable!

  3. I hope you get a better next year...you and E deserve it!

    And OMG, I am in love with your baby!

  4. Kimandco,
    Don't let your neighbors get out of line!! Regardless of how long the lines are, when the polls close everyone in line, by law, has to be allowed to vote.
    This is why I think election day should be a national holiday.

  5. Kim, hang in there maybe lines will go down early afternoon?
    Different girl- I wish I had a B&J here too

    My baby is the bomb.


    And ohhhh, I hope our country gets better.

  7. Cutest baby pic, like ever. I want that onesie!!!

  8. love the obama shirt!!

    i saw you were interested in holiday cards, and i'd love to have you check mine - they are $40 for 50 :) thanks for peeking! :)

    http://www.graphici.blogspot.com/- click on Holiday Cards to simpleviewer set.

  9. Nice post. I like that it is pro-democracy not an idealog's rant.


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