Monday, November 17, 2008

I Love My Visitors

I have been getting some interesting searches ending up at my blog. I can't complain, I love visitors no matter how they get here. I thought I would share though, everyone deserves a laugh on a Monday.

if it is the 16 November how many days until christmas- Can you yourself not do this simple math? Do you not remember the days of the month song from elementary school? Also, do you not own a calendar? This is most troublesome.

girl banana- I am always trying to find out what the difference between a girl banana and a boy banana. They both taste the same to me.

i am a girl and i love porn- Join the club. What do you want, a metal?

massage my boobs games - Here is how you play, massage my boobs and then my back, legs, arms, feet and hands. Give me a hairgasm. Now I will sleep. Game over- you won.

the child arrived the other day- Luuuucky. My child has been back ordered and I am not sure when it will arrive. I hope before Christmas!

The people who are searching the Internets with these search terms deserve the quality blog that I put out here.


  1. about "massage my boobs with a boy banana"? I wonder what results I would get with that search.

  2. LOL!!

    people seem to find me by searching for Crab Goggles.

    Why would you be searching for crab goggles?

  3. Heh...I wonder if "I am a girl and I love porn" actually thinks she's the only one out there in the world!

  4. Sorry, I love a good banana joke. I laughed as hard this time as when you posted how people found you in the summer! This is riveting!

    As an aside, I think I should tell you that my word verfication thingy here is "pures". How odd is that?

  5. Ever see that episode of House where Dr. House was ranting about the internet? "If you took all the porn off the net there'd only be one website left, www.bringbacktheporn."

  6. I'll have to try this on my blog. Love the idea. Thanks for stopping by Momtrends and entering a few contests. There will be 15 in total before Christmas!

  7. The number one search for me is green poop. Or Butt cake. New one is tighty whities. I would say people are weird but I did put up the content to begin with. ;o)

  8. This was hilarious!


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