Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving * Now With More Giveaways!

The fact that I am not blogging every day about how my in-laws are here and they are slowly killing me shows major personal growth.
Oh, that and the fact that they are staying with my sister-in-law. Seriously, them not being here 24/7 with my father in law in his shorty-short robe in the morning all lunging and sitting with his legs open and the Today Show blasting because he REFUSES TO WEAR HIS HEARING AID BECAUSE HE THINKS IT IS FOR RETARDED OLD PEOPLE is a help.
Newsflash: you are old. The retarded thing? I will leave that open for discussion.

Believe me it is a sight I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.

I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving filled with yummy desserts and gravy.
It is my favorite meal of the year. Eat and extra helping of pie for me and my thighs.

Because I love you I also have two great giveaways going on:

A very cool rice krispie treat making kit and tray and a portable activity center for babies which is super cool and makes a great gift!
Go over and commnt on my other blogs to win.


  1. I think the first commenter should get the rice krispy treat thing. Hey, wait! That's me. I swear I didn't plan that. Well, maybe just a little.

  2. happy thanksgiving! Im glad your father in law isnt staying with you. Your kids dont need that kind of trauma!

  3. Um, thanks for the visual?

    Have a great Thanksgiving Tuesday...I know you have to be so happy to have E home for the long weekend!!


  4. Yuck. To the father in law thing. My MIL stripped naked in front of me once. I about fainted dead away. This past weekend she took off her sweater and was standing there in her bra and skirt while I was talking to her and she was washing her face. Good god, woman, keep your clothes on in my presence! I feel your pain.

  5. What is it with crazy in-laws? I swear they must teach classes in how to be the worst. And I Thank God mine live on the other side of the world!

  6. Weren't shorty robes banned after the 1970's? If not, they should be, that's just wrong. No one should be tortured in that way. I'm so so sorry.
    Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  7. My eyes are burning, and I am not even actually having to see your FIL! Plus seriously? They still sell shorty robes for men somewhere?!

  8. Hope you had a good Thanksgiving and I am glad that you didn't have your in-laws staying with you!


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