Friday, November 21, 2008

No Whammy, Baby!

Every person needs a mental health day once in awhile and I think that goes for kids too. I know my Mom looked the other way a couple of times when I wanted to stay home from school. Sometimes you just can't get out of bed, ya know?
The best part of a faux sick day or a holiday off from school is daytime TV.
Little House on the Prairie, I Love Lucy and The People's Court.
The best daytime TV?
Game shows!

Press Your Luck, Pictionary, Card Sharks and Match Game. I loved all the old hosts (and their hair) who made hosting a career. Beautiful woman, hosts shamelessly kissing female guests, cabled microphones and inevitably a good prize (cash!) and some bad ones too (I am looking at you Price is Right!) including but not limited to:
Hot tub, jet ski, snowmobile, a chandelier and any floor coverings.

Being a stay at home mom the thrill just isn't there to watch daytime TV, I guess it is the taste of it, the wiff of contestant desperation if you will, that kept me coming back for more. Now that I can have it anytime I want, I don't want it.
I like the forbidden.
And faking the sick days.

What were your favorite daytime television shows when you were a kid?

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  1. Oh yeah! Wink Martindale (Tic Tac Dough) is hot.

  2. definitely the game shows!

    Big Bucks! No Whammies!!!

  3. Loved and loathed Press Your Luck and the No Whammies tagline. Also, in the summer, my sister and I would watch Card Sharks, and then, when it was over, dig out our deck of cards and play the home version!

    I tried to stay home sick the day Luke and Laura got married on General Hospital, but by then, my Mom was onto me!

  4. When I'm at home during the day (not often), I usually watch Jerry Springer, Steve Wilkos, and Judge Judy. Joe Brown is usually good for a chuckle, too. And, depending on the episode and what else may (or, more appropriately, may not) be on, I sometimes opt for Dr. Phil.

  5. I give my boys a "mental health day" every school year. They get one day...MAYBE two, depending on how crazy/stressed they are! It helps!!!

  6. E V E R Y D A Y after school was Gilligan's Island and I Love Lucy. If I was home during the day on a faux sick day I would (gasp!!!!) sneak into the den and watch the newley acquired family favorite... HBO!!! (Trust me, this was late 70's and early 80's so this was a really big deal!!!) hahaaaaaa

  7. I used to love to watch reruns of "I dream of Jeannie", and "Bewitched". I never was into those game shows. Now, if I take a mental health day, I like to watch those decorating shows on HGTV all day long.

  8. And I thought I was the only one that loved Little House on the Prairie


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