Monday, November 03, 2008


Our Halloween was just what the kids wanted. Fun, dressing up like their favorite heroes and mucho candy.

The kids had a parade at school so E & I drove up to the school about 10 minutes before the parade. We were running a little late but the lines of cars up and down the nearby streets was ridiculous. We had to park several blocks away and had to run (I am SO out of shape) to get to the parade in time.
We made it just as our kids went by then went to stand by the ropes to see them sing a couple of Halloween songs. I have never in my life been so aggravated at grown ups. They were pushing and shoving E and I who were at the front of the ropes. This was not the Stones in concert people, we were staring at the back of 300 kid's heads. There really was nothing to see but that didn't stop people pushing into me with their kids, one lady who asked if her kid could sit at our feet, then sat ON our feet with her kid!
We finally left early because there was nothing else to see, but man that made me want to get out of Jersey. People are just so self important here and so rude.

The most important thing was that Sleeping Beauty, Bat Man and a monkey (with five teeth now!)had a great day.


  1. First!!!! Yay me!!!

    I love the pictures of the kids walking away, I have so many of those. I'm sure there is some subliminal meaning behind me wanting to take them all the time but I'm too lazy to figure it out.

    I'm glad you had a fun deserve it!!!

  2. You were nicer than I am! We were in Vegas and watching a Pirate show and parents did the same thing. Sure did say something.

    You kids looked so cute in their Halloween Costumes! Great pics!

  3. Unfortunately, that's not just a Jersey thing! It's a condition that many parents seem to have that your child is NOT as important as THEIR child and BY GOD you better get out of the way so they can prove it to you! (OK, I sound just a little bitter.)

    Cute kiddos!

  4. AWWWWWWW. Very cute!!

  5. Whoa. A stranger sat on your feet? Yuck. I don't love other people's feet and I am very protective of my own, at that. Um. great costume pics though. Darling and adorable. All my Halloween pics show temper tantrums and raging sugar highs. Not attractive. (And that's just mine and the husband, you should see the kids' pictures)

  6. Glad you and the kids had a great time, but wow, I know the feeling about the whole school events production. Our school seriously needs to look into operating a shuttle for the parents because parking is like going to a rock concert, and it only gets so much better once you're inside. Sigh...


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