Thursday, May 20, 2004


I told my parents when I was 10 then I thought being an adult sucked. They denied it of course. Who can blame them, if your life sucked wouldn't you want to find meaning in the repetitive, obligatory, mundane daily life you lived? When I was young you looked forward to summer vacation, it was a constant, no school, BBQs, trips down the shore, a pool party here & there etc. But what does an adult look forward to? The (WOW) 2 weeks vacation a year?!
It does stink. Stress, bills, errands, keeping a marriage/family/household working. Not really as bad as I thought though. I do wish I could step back in time, on a long summer night, where you would play in the neighborhood until you got eaten alive by bugs, you had some Dairy Queen and someone reminded you to take a bath & that your new clean nightgown was all laid out for you.
I loved my childhood.

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  1. Anonymous6:36 PM

    I totally agree. My childhood was awesome. I loved eating bananas and sour cream with sugar for dinner on a hot summer night. Vacations with my family.
    Now?? Stress, stress and more stress. I need a break!


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