Monday, May 24, 2004

Hot Hot Hot

We live on the East Coast, Jersey to be exact. The weather here is unpredictable and VERY annoying. The past week has been hot here. NJ is not just hot, it is humid. The kind of humidity that as soon as you open the door to leave your house you are blanketed by the heavy, thick, smog ridden air. It's bad and for a girl like me with asthma, it can be really bad.
Well, yesterday our air conditioner was broken. My poor babies were so irritable from the heat and E & I weren't doing to well either. I had to go to Kmart & buy fans for the house. (Why is Kmart a total disaster every time I ever enter one?!) I barely slept at all, I really need a comfortable sleeping temperature for any sort of good nights sleep. Plus I have a need to have at least one sheet or blanket on me at all times in bed, which is not conducive to non air conditioning homes.
thank goodness it was fixed today & now we can wallow in our cool home.........maybe I will never leave.

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  1. Anonymous6:00 AM

    I didn't realize you were in NJ. I am in Ma!! We must suffer from the same horrible and ever changing weather!!!! We got all 4 seasons I think last week! Ya gotta love the east coast!!


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