Friday, May 21, 2004


Seriously Apple Martin(i)? Why? Why would you do that? Would you want to be called Apple or Ape for short you whole life? Kids are cruel man, and you are just handing them the ammunition.
I just heard that Jermaine Jackson's son is named Jermajesty. That is just pure cruelty. Is he just competing with his brother for all the "royalty" names (prince, princeII, princess whatthehelleveress)? I mean, now naming all your kids after you, ala George Foreman, doesn't sound so bad. Who cares that you can never tell who your Mom or Dad are calling? There is a plus side, you can claim all the gifts under the Christmas tree, you can conviently assume they are not talkign to you when they tell you to: stand up straight/eat your veggies/clean that amazing grilling apparatus that paid for this house. You could be golden.
Once there was a girl in my neighborhood that was named Bambette. No really. I mean that's great if you want your child to be a stripper. My friend told me today that his friend is a teacher in an inner city school in Jersey. She has twin students that are named, hold onto your seats, Sharon and Notsharon. DFYS, CPS where are yooouuuuu???? That is child cruelty right there.
Horrible. Believe me I struggled with Baby A & Baby B's names too. I also wanted something not so common but making up names was not for me. But maybe, just maybe, I am the odd one.

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  1. Anonymous5:23 AM

    Sharon and Notsharon?????? That is disgusting!!!! Those parents should be ashamed of themselves!!!!
    I nearly choked when I heard Apple. That's a damn FRUIT! Will she name her son Banana? All I can think of is the Wiggles singing ....Fruit salad, yummy yummy.

    Lillianna's name was easy for us. My nana and Rich's nana were both named Lillian and Rich's mom was Ann. All of them had died before Lillianna was born. I am Jewish so we name after the dead. We added an "a" and came up with Lillianna! I didn't name her Cotton Candy or Jellybeans even though that's what I was eating when I met Rich for the first time. It's hard to have a brain. Rich and I suffer terribly because of this.
    We should've named her Ringo....Rich loves the Beatles, or Custer since he is a big George Custer fan or Schnoodle because I laugh whenever I hear about that crossbred dog. Oh well...we just settled for Lillianna!



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