Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Strange Rituals

Now, I am the first to admit I have OCD. Not the horrible, can't leave your house for fear of germs, need to comb the tassels on the rug kind of OCD, but still bothersome nonetheless.
I realized I have a ritual for taking a shower. I always step in right foot first, I always face away from the shower head* and I always wash my left shoulder first. Today I wondered "Why do I wash my left shoulder first? Clearly it is not the dirtiest part of my body." I had no answer.
When done washing, rinsing & repeating, I step out of the shower take my towel & dry my face first & then dry my hair. This I assume, is why my floor mat is always damp for some time after I shower. I wonder if I could change my washing rituals after all these years (not that many). I guess I should be glad that I am not wearing flip flops in the shower anymore. (again, OCD)
My pillows have to be a certain way for me to sleep, I line things up in the refrigerator & in my cabinets and I am obsessed with Baby A & Baby B's ear wax. Maybe they are not rituals, but things that just make you feel comfortable in your own space or your own skin.
I wonder if everyone else has rituals.

* Yes, I shower facing away from the water. I recently realized that this is not the common practice and that I am very strange to do so, or so says E. My sister showers the same way so I assume it was something that was taught. Way to go Mom.


  1. I shower facing away from the water as well

  2. Thank god I am not the only one!

  3. i shower facing away too. why would anyone let water run all over their face while they shower? i think theyre the weird ones.

    i shower and dry exactly the same way every day too.

  4. I think only people in commercials shower facing the water. Whoever told you otherwise is the odd one.


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